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Data handling

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Maths coursework plan

Aim:  Of the Sun, the Daily Mail and the Henley Standard, which has the largest spread of article sizes? Within the papers themselves, what proportionally does the paper devote itself to the most? Is there any correlation between the length and the width of an article? The aim of this piece of coursework is to analyze newspapers. Specifically I will be looking at the amount of space devoted to each article, such as sport, headlines etc. I will the compare this to other newspaper articles, analyzing the importance of different items throughout different newspapers. Using the results,

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  • Histograms, with unequal intervals- they are good for good for more than one set of information
  • Simple graphs for a quick understanding of data
  • Stem and leaf diagrams- a quick, simple way of tallying incoming information
  • Pie charts because they are easy to read and give a good understanding of the percentages of data.

Preliminarily I will use one newspaper. I will record the amount of space devoted to each item using square centimeters. I will record the areas for:

  • The title
  • articles on sport
  • The date
  • House articles
  • Television articles
  • Nature topics
  • Public affairs
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Problems: If there are any outliers in this coursework they will be removed. If a certain item does not fit into any of the categories, it will be removed. There are very few problems that could happen. If another unexpected problem happens, I will find a way around it. For example, if an article fits into two subjects I will find which it fits best into and put it under that subject.

Accuracy: My results will be very accurate. I will record the length and width of articles to the nearest millimeter. My graphs and histograms diagrams etc will also be as equally accurate. I will also when conducting standard deviation go to the nearest milimetre degree of accuracy.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Comparing length of words in newspapers section.

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