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Maths Coursework


 I will be investigating about what influence second hand car prices. This coursework is worth 21 marks and therefore I’m going to work hard in order to achieve the highest grade possible.

In this coursework I will be showing how factors such as mileage, age, engine size etc. affect the prices of second hand cars. I will be presenting graphs for all the factors that affect the prices and showing a comparison between the prices and each of the factors that I have stated.


The aim of this investigation is to find out what influences the price of second hand cars. Second hand cars cost less than brand new cars due to factors such as mileage, Age, etc.

First, I will be deciding the key factors, which could influence second hand car prices and also the factors that have a low or zero affect on the prices of second hand cars. I will be deleting these factors from the database.


Here are the key factors.

  1. Age
  1. Engine size
  1. Mileage
  1. Insurance
  1. Number of Doors
  1. MPG
  1. Number of Owners

Here are the low affect factors.

  1. Style
  1. Central locking
  1. Seats
  1. Air conditioning
  1. Airbags

I have decided to use the first 48 cars on my database to gain an evaluation of what affects second hand car prices. I could not use all my database because the results will be vary also it will be very complicated, to understand and find out if the factor has any affection.

My next step is comparing. I will be comparing the key factors with price using scatter graph. The comparison is one way to find out if the factors have any affect therefore it is essential to use graphs in order to obtain evidence and look if the factor could affect the price also I will put line of best fit which will help me understand the graph more easily.    

My next step is the cumulative frequency table. Cumulative frequency will help me to find out the median, upper value, lower value and inter quartile range. Cumulative frequency will help to gain an accurate or in another words that exact median and the exact upper and lower value. Cumulative frequency is a way to gain more evidence and also will help me to determine whether the factors have any affection.

Box plots will another method I will be using in my coursework. By using a box plots I can quickly compare data set. Box plots will help me to summarize the following statistical measures:

  1. Median
  1. Upper and lower quartile
  1. Minimum and maximum value in the data



  1. Mileage

I predict that mileage will make an impact on second hand car price. I consider mileage as important figure because mileage will shows if the car in a good condition or bad condition. I think as mileage increases the car price will immediately decreases and also if the car price has low mileage, this will prevent the car price from decreasing tremendously.

  1. Age

Age is very important figure, which make it very essential, and a key figure when purchasing the car. Age is another considerable figure and surely will affect second hand car price. I predict that as the age increases, the second hand car price will decrease.

  1. Engine size


I think the engine size of the car is extremely important for the consumer, which makes it another essential figure. Engine size is important and will influence the car price but not as much as mileage and age. I think it’s more likely that car price will decrease if the engine size decreases and also if the engine size increases the car price will increase.

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  1. Tax


I believe that tax is influential figure on some cars but not all of them. If the car is very old and has high tax the car price will still be low regardless if the car has high tax. Tax is important for some cars and mostly that as the tax increases the car price will increase but if the car has low tax the car price will decreases. Overall tax will play an important role in some cases and therefore the graph will not have strong correlation.


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