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To investigate the resonant frequency of the fundamental mode of vibration of air in a container

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Physics Planning Exercise Introduction This experiment is designed to investigate the resonant frequency of the fundamental mode of vibration of air in a container depends on the volume of air within the container. A standing wave (or stationary wave) is produced at the resonant frequency and a node and an anti-node are produced from this where the node is the point at which the wave never moves at all, and the anti-node is the place at which the wave can move about freely. The fundamental mode is the simplest standing/stationary wave that can be produced. Resonance is the condition in which an acoustic system vibrates in response to a force applied to the system's natural frequency. ...read more.


The fundamental mode is formed at ?/4 (one quarter of the wavelength), and the next mode is formed at 3?/4 (3 quarters of the wavelength), but only the fundamental mode is going to be investigated. Pipes in a pipe organ work on this basis. Air enters at the foot of the pipe, moves against a narrow slit or flue, and begins to vibrate as it passes across a sharp lip set in the pipe above the flue. This initial vibration causes all the air in the pipe to vibrate, producing a musical tone. The pitch of the note depends on the length of the pipe (the volume of air). ...read more.


This will be repeated with different tuning forks for different frequencies. Both of the tubes will have to be made from glass or some other form transparent material in order to see where the water level is, so that the volume of air can be measured accurately. Care will have to be taken so that the inner tube is not just suddenly dropped, be cause it will be made out of glass and likely to break. Also there must be care taken when handling water- not to spill it o the floor because it could make the floor slippery and be careful not to take the water near any electrical equipment. ?? ?? ?? ?? Anthony Quinn ...read more.

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