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Aims and Objectives of Wimbledon Racquets and Fitness Club

Wimbledon Racquets and Fitness Club has been around since 1937 and since then has been through periods where they have barely survived and 1999 was the club’s crisis point, but are now in a period of growth although their key aim now is to increase their growth by membership and maximise profit.

All business including the club have in common is an aspiration to achieve and maintain their aims. They all want to be successful and to be successful the club must set itself some aims and objective in order to guide the club’s way to success. An aim describes the overall goal that a business wants to achieve. Therefore the club’s aims will vary from other businesses. Due to the club’s crisis point, their main aim was to survive. In order, to reach their main aim, the club set out more aims that will help them on their way to success. Wimbledon Racquets and Fitness Club aims are similar to any typical businesses. The aims to make profit, provide their services to the local or wider community, survive or expand, maximising sales or improving the quality of a product or service, provide a highly completive service, being environmental friendly, make the club more friendly, improve marketing and getting new customers.

However, the club managers and owners need to set out objectives, which are the steps that the club needs to take so they can achieve these aims therefore achieving its overall aim. Their objectives need to be specific, measurable, achievable, and relevant and time specific. In short form it is called SMART objectives. These objectives should have precise description and must be capable of being measured so that the club’s managers can weigh up whether it has been achieved. Objectives must be achievable and should not be beyond the reach of the club, it should also be help achieve the aims that the club set and should have specific dates for start and finish.

Due to the club’s downfall and unpopularity amongst its members, they hit the crisis point. The two choices they had were to shut down the club permanently or else try to survive through seeking professional help. Unlike most other leisure centres and fitness clubs, who are there to make profit and have a successful business, Wimbledon Racquets and Fitness Club is a “member owned” club which means it exists only for its members, therefore the monthly fees given by the member are solely used to run the club and used for its expenses. They took financial help from the bank and used the club’s savings to make changes. In order to makes these changes, they needed to set aims. These aims will help the club to focus on their way to success. However, before setting their aims, they had to make research and survey the lapsed and existing members. They ran focus groups to identify what members’ value or valued in the club, in order to learn more about the members’ needs and priorities.

The club’s visions were to maintain the excellence in their chosen sports and promoting enjoyment for all ages and all levels that are provided for their members.

Objectives are needed to fulfil each of these aims. The club service that was provided was area for social gathering and a chance to play squash or badminton. However, During the 1980s people started to be health conscious and more people had started working out. People were more concerned about the way they looked and wanted to be healthy and fit. As people started to join gyms, which were one of the services at the time, the club did not provide, they started losing members, as they would join another place where gyms were available.

From the surveys that the club did, they found out the reasons why the club were losing members because they were not offering the services the members wanted. Their aim was to regain the members lost during the crisis point and to increase the number of members joining the club. To achieve that, the club needed to be refurbished. The changing rooms and toilets needed to be improved and steam room, sauna and jacuzzi needed to be installed. They had to have well equipped gym as well. The interior of the club needed to change for example, the re-painting the inside of the club and putting notice boards up with logo of the club to show an official status of the club. In terms of communication, they had to focus on their staff training so they can provide the best service to their members and also maintain a pricing structure, staff profiles and environments that are inclusive. They had to maintain first class playing facilities for active squash and badminton players and encourage improvement in playing ability through competition, team matches and coaching. They needed to introduce a process to welcome their new members and establish a two way communication process which can take feedback from the members and also react to it.


To improve communication between the members and the staff of the club, they had staff trained to communicate with a member in a proper fashion. They had to put up notice boards to make sure what the members knew the latest classes, squash lesson etc, where and when they are happening. Members can also use these notice boards to promote their businesses to other members, which also achieve the friendly and social atmosphere with in the club. They assigned a Deputy to the manager to handle the details of the particular jobs while the manager looks into the overall job.  

To maintain the first class playing facilities for active squash and badminton players, the club should promote juniors taking up the sports. They should access coaching to all age groups and also have individual coaching session available. To introduce new classes to the members such as pilates and aerobics, they should install an announcing system where one member of the staff might advertise by announcing when the classes will be going on and on which days.

To keep staff motivated the club can provide promotions and bonuses that will make work efficiently. Job security should also be provided and roles and responsibilities of each staff members should be clear to them and they should abide all the rules and regulations that are set for them, in order to provide a good service and with held the reputation of the club.

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To improve the marketing of the club, first the managers and owners of the club should understand who their competitions are and how they are doing in terms being successful in their business. Although the “member owned” ethos is in place however, in order to get more members the managers need to look into the business side of running the club.

They need to analyse how their competitions like David Lloyds Leisure and Esporta are doing in their business.  This chart shows that Abbey Court charges subscription fee much more expensive and the least expensive one is Fitness ...

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