Aims and objectives of Asda.

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Aims and Objectives


All businesses have aims that they want to achieve, and objectives that help them plan what they have to do to achieve those aims.  

AIMS are the overall goals and purposes that the business was set up to fulfil. In other words, aims are the general statements of what the business wants to achieve or where it wants to go in future.

OBJECTIVES are specific targets that must be achieved if the business is to fulfil its aims. The objectives of a business are closely related to its aims and should fulfil two essential criteria. Objectives are set so that they can be achieved over a period of time.

ASDA group PLC aims to provide goods and services that are cheap and affordable to the public. Reducing packaging is one of ASDA’s key objectives and they are considering every option to achieve this goal. It intends to increase the amount of fresh products sold loose from boxes and reduce its range of own label pre-packed products sold in its stores across the country. Recently ASDA has announced that it intends to reduce the amount of own label packaging by 25 per cent over the next twelve months.

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The main aims of ASDA are listed below:

  • Reducing the cost objectives of their items/products
  • To offer quality products at low price
  • Recycling their waste
  • Packaging their products well
  • Supporting Voluntary Services  and Assisting charities in UK
  • Providing Financial assistance and insurance
  • Reducing energy consumption and being environment friendly
  • Building a Sustainable business
  • Surviving as a business
  • Improving quality of the products
  • Providing a highly competitive service


Business Objectives are the clearly defined targets which are made to fulfil the aims. It helps to motivate the employees and enables the business ...

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*** Some of the points made about aims and objectives are good but this is a confusing topic and the writer has not really been able to tease out the differences between the two. They have done some useful research into what the businesses do but not so much their aims and objectives.