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DBF associates objectives and ICT analysis.

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Business at Work Assignment 2 Judgements about how successfully the business is meeting its objectives. I think that DBF associates three objectives are interlinked because to increase market share you have to be making a profit and to be making a profit you must be providing a quality service. DBF associates objectives are to: - Make a profit- the business expects to make a profit by providing a quality service. (Accountant) I think that DBF associates are making a profit because they are providing a quality service and because the workers at DBF associates are occupied in doing work. So if the employees are always working the company must be making a profit. They are making a profit because the staff is trained to provide a quality service. Increase market share- the business expects to increase market share by making a profit and providing a quality service. I think that DBF associates are increasing their market share because they are making a profit and providing a quality service. ...read more.


This motivates the employees because they have a little bit of power and do not have to answer back to the manager. The firm has a person culture. This helps the business meet its objectives because the manager works alongside the other employees and there is not a power problem because each individual can do something that no one else in the company can do. This helps the business meet its objectives because each person has a job to do and as long as s/he does it the business will run smoothly and the business will meet its objectives. The firm has a democratic management style, this means that the employees are mentioned in decision making at DBF associates. This helps the business meet its objectives because the manager and the employees work together when they are making decisions in the business. This helps the business to meet its objectives because the manager and the employees know what the objectives are and will try their best to meet the business's objectives. ...read more.


> Word processors improve the quality of presentation of data. > Developments in technology mean that tasks can be carried out quickly and precisely. > Firms who provide information technology services are provided with extra business. Listed below are just some of the things ICT is used for and affects external communication: - > Microsoft Word to produce a letter (computer). > Spell checker to spell check accounts. > Fonting to sort the accounts out by size style e.t.c. > Printer to print accounts. > Fax machine to fax accounts. > Internet to E- mail accounts to clients. > Photocopier to photocopy client's accounts. > Microsoft Excel to produce clients accounts. Without ICT DBF associates would not be able to communicate via email or fax. It would have to use the phone. Without ICT DBF associates can't run their business because at DBF associates nearly every single job is done on a computer or using ICT. DBF associates like most other business in the service sector cannot run their business without the aid of ICT. Nasir Ayub 1 ...read more.

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