Describe the different methods used to track and evaluate customer satisfaction and quality systems for a selected product or service.

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Assignment 3

P3: Describe the different methods used to track and evaluate customer satisfaction and quality systems for a selected product or service.

We are going to talk evaluate customer satisfaction and quality systems for BA. This assignment will consist of varies different methods that are used by business such as BA like:

  • Customer suggestion schemes
  • Customers satisfaction survey
  • Mystery Shoppers  
  • User Panel

We are also going to look at varies different quality systems that BA uses in it business below are some example of quality systems:

  • Gap analysis
  • Quality circles
  • Benchmarking
  • Ishikawa Analysis  

These different methods will help BA to attract new customers and also retain existing ones.

How does your business make sure their customers are satisfied?

At BA they will use different methods to keep their customers satisfied and wanting to come back there are some named and explained below. These methods are used effectively by BA which have made them one of the leading airlines in their market and have made them renowned for their customers service.  

Customer suggestion schemes

This is when the organization will give the customers a chance to suggest anything that can be improved about there business and by doing this it will make the customers feel heard and that the organization is good and will want to come back.

In the organization that I choose which was BA they do a lot of customer suggestion scheme which will help the company to better its organization so that it can be more successful. customer suggestion schemes is when BA put a box on the flight so as you walk off the flight you can write something on a piece of paper which they provide and you can tell them what you think that they can improve so that the flight can be more enjoyable also if you have any complaint you can write them into the box as well. By BA doing this and also listen to the suggestions and making the change for the customers they will make their customers satisfied.

Customer satisfaction surveys  

This is when a company will set up a survey to find out whether the customers that have used their service are satisfied with it. This will be done by simply giving the survey out in stores if it is a supermarket or with the delivery if it is a online based business. This is usually a very easy survey to fill in and will help the business to improve itself by listen to what the customer has said and reacting to it by improving there complaint.

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At BA this is not done very often but when it is done they do react to it by improving what the customer has said. At BA they will give out their survey as the customers are leaving the airplane and on the survey it will state where they need to send the form of to. BA do not do they survey very often because they believe that in one way this is hassling the customer and that is the last thing they want to do so they only do it when they feel they need to. If this ...

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