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Impacts of Computers in Business and Commerce.

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Impacts of Computers in Business and Commerce ICT has the capacity to make a business more efficient, more cost effective and more responsive to the needs of its customers. ICT can assist business activities such as, research and development, design, manufacturing, marketing, distribution and sales and feedback. Research and Development: The computer based analysis for a product, which already exists, can provide vital information on the market for a new product to be launched. Also, certain programs can help new product designs, before a final design is made. Design: Computer Aided Design (CAD) software allows designers to create detailed designs for a product, which then can be emailed to the managers for a feedback. Then the final design can be made using Computer Assisted Manufacture (CAM). Manufacturing: The use of Computer Assisted Manufacture (CAM) software can help the specific and professional production of various components used for the final product itself. Marketing: Once the product is ready, direct mailing can be used (with the help of a mail merging software) to notify the existing customers, that a new product is being launched. The organization could create a web site advertising the product and to keep customers informed of current promotions available. Distribution: A stock control system such as just in time stocking can be used to ensure that supply meets demand. Also, intranet systems can guarantee that distributors are alert of delivery requests. ...read more.


Also, by getting material from the internet for essays and projects, pupils can just copy and paste the information without even reading it. Computers vs Teachers If computers replace teachers than: * Students will be able to work at their own pace * Computers are endlessly patient * Students could repeat sections in which they don't understand * Material is presented in a consistent way * Once the package is paid for, it will be more cost-effective as fewer teachers are required.- Impacts of Computers in Manufacturing Computer aided design (CAD) This type of system allows manufacturing and construction business to design their product on a computer screen. It takes nearly as long to draw a design on the screen, as on paper but the benefits is that it improves accuracy, you can reuse existing designs and it is easy to update designs. CAD allows you to create 3 dimensional solid models with physical characteristics. Computer aided manufacturing (CAM) This system will take the CAD design and use this to directly control the machines that manufacture the part. CAM is a type of computer application that helps automate a factory. When the design of the product is completed, the specifications are input directly into a program that controls the manufacturing of parts. Robots Robots come in many different forms and shapes, but they all have the same basic components. Sensors - To detect change in light, temperature, pressure and movement. ...read more.


Disadvantage * Can cost a lot to run and set up * Can be very troublesome and have a big effect on health care societies. Impacts of Computers on crime and detection As new technology increase, it creates more computer crime as well as abuse. If you provide services to someone, you have the legal responsibility to exercise reasonable care in proving the services. Hacking Hacking means, unauthorised access to data held on a computer system. Hacking is extremely difficult to establish and is usually discovered by accident. Fraud on the Internet The most common form of fraud on the Internet is purchased between traders who sell legitimate products. Theft of data Data can be stolen by illegally accessing it or by stealing the computer on which the data is stored. Viruses These are generally developed with a definite intention to cause damage to a computer file of cause annoyance to computer users. Future in ICT ICT will continue to improve each and every year. Some of the examples below could be some of the uses of ICT in the future. Robots will be created to do certain jobs such as clean the house or even In the future you could be able to do operations just by using the computer and be at a different location, thousands of miles away. Robots would be manufacturing all the products so no labour would be required. Sudden changes in ICT could lead to very quick social impacts of computers. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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