Presenting business information

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Presenting Business information


Presenting Business information



I have research what you request me to do by explaining in many ways how more accurate business information is produced, and how can different graphs be used for different trends and different reasons. So then I had to evaluate the importance of the information I had provided to the local Chamber of Commerce.

Statistic: Primary data- statistic that I have acquired from the Internet, can be manipulated mathematically and graphically to make it easy for the audience to pick up the main messengers from my research. This is because some of the sentences are difficult to understand and English may not be the first language to some of the audience. If I have statistic it will be easy for the audience to pick out the key figures and sometimes it is difficult to take in big information.

Graphical representation of results: I have used graphs because it is an excellent way of presenting numerical information to my audience because some people don’t like to read, it will be useful to present the information in graphical representation of results. And it is easy to understand the information if it is presented in graphical representation.

Displaying data: I have used tables; charts and graphs are ways to clearly show the data. There are three basic graph forms. The , the , and the . Each of the following examples is used to show different kinds of data.

There are different graphs to show different types of relationships between different groups. I will be talking about four different graphs, and what are different graphs used for.

Bar graph: I have used bar graph to show relationships between different groups. The two items (different types of trends) being compared do not need to affect each other. I have used bar graph because it is a fast way to show big differences. It is useful to use bar graph because it shows different relationships such as unemployment and employment. A typical chart or table for this graph might look like this:

The bar chart can be useful and effective because it is clear and easy to see the relations between different groups, it will be useful to me because it will show employments and unemployment and it will be easy to see the different relationships.

A line graph: I have used a line graph to show continuing data; how another affects one thing like different sectors affects the employment rates. It's clear to see how the employment rates effects the area and how many people have got higher qualification and got a better job. This kind of graph is needed to show the effect of an independent variable on a dependent variable like different trends and unemployment.  It is accurate to use a line graph because the audience can see a link of different types of trends and it will be easy to see the difference.  A typical chart or table for this graph might look

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A circle (pie) graph: I have used a circle graph to show how many different sectors there are and how many people are working there. I have used this graph to show percentages effectively. I have not used a pie graph but if I wanted to I would have used it for different employment and unemployment in different sectors and this will be easy for the ...

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