Unit 4 P6 Explain the operational issue in relation to the use of business information

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P6 Explain the operational issue in relation to the use of business information


In this report, it will state the operation issues in relation to the use of a business, it will also state what they are and why they are important and also the benefits of doing it well

Security of information:

Security of information, is when a organisation has to make sure that all information held at the origination is safe and not accessible by un-authored personnel, if it is accessed by unauthorized personnel than the organisation is liable

The way that this relates to Tesco PLC is through the following, Tesco PLC are a organisation that holds information about their customers and suppliers and in order to protect the information they have security procedures that help Tesco PLC protect the information being accessed by unauthorsed personnel  


In information technology, a backup, or the process of backing up, refers to the copying and archiving of computer data so it may be used to restore the original after a data loss event

This relates to Tesco PLC as they do hold information about suppliers and customers and other organisational information and in case of a disaster they have to have multiple backup storage facilities, these facilities can be on and off Tesco PLC site, another reason why they would have such storage facilities is for keeping up to date records, Tesco PLC would have numerous backup stations in case a couple of them a destroyed due to natural disasters etc

Health and safety:

All staff that are that are working in an organisation must be aware of the procedures, some staff may have additional guidance based upon their position, for example a delivery counter. It is a key part of new staff to have their training and procedures to be clearly placed and updated throughout each store when needed

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Is a legislation put into action in 1974, this legislation make sure that all employees are provided with the correct protective clothing that is required in their line of work, this also the organisation to provide their employees of the full knowledge that  may be required in case of an emergency e.g. in case of a fire

This relates to Tesco PLC as they have many employees and so the organisation will have to have set rules and regulation in place, they have been placed in order to protect the security of their employees, the organisation has to also give ...

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