A Unit of work based on a Piece of Drama presented to others.

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Paper Two- A Unit of work based on a Piece of Drama presented to others

By Kelly Jones Y11L

 Our aim over the period of about ten weeks, was to devise a piece of drama that would give the audience something to remember, and to have them walk away after watching our piece inspired by the themes that were specified in it. ‘Our’ being Ashmeet, John and I. Our original stimulus was the theme of identity crisis because it is such a common issue all over the world and we felt that the audience would be able to relate with our piece. We began by researching identity issues as a single theme and begun to realise that ‘identity’ was actually quite vague because it raises a majority of other themes. We then started to research the different parts of society in which the ‘identity crisis’ are an issue. We tried identity within mental health and psychiatric identity crisis’ in order to look at loss of identity and the affect it has on someone, like losing their minds. We realised that this was a bit too extreme and would be difficult for an audience to be able to empathize and relate with the piece. So, we started to think of more subtle places in society where identity was an issue and we came up with the world of work. I think that the working environment was a worthy choice because it also brings up other themes like power and control. We didn’t have a particular target audience. However, because we decided to explore the world of work to portray our themes, we decided that our audience should be adults and/or sixteen-years-old-and-up students because they will surely understand.

 Our teacher introduced us to this warming up exercise where a small group of people of about three or four stand facing the same direction (as shown in diagram A for example). The person in the front was always the person who had control over what movements everyone else in the group does because they imitate the movements of the person at the front. Sometimes the person in control would change if the previous one had turned towards another direction, in which another person comes in front. This warming up exercise became important because it showed us control and power and how it can easily go into another’s hands once you’ve got it. My group and I thought that this was very much like the world of work because according to our research, large companies or even in small offices, there is usually a battle for power and control over other employees. Therefore, we decided that we would each be employees in a busy company but mainly base the play on each of the character’s lives and how the world of work affects them. After we researched about companies and businesses, we found out that record companies are one the most busiest and competitive types of companies there are.  So we chose a record company and called it ‘Black and White Records’, which symbolizes the instability of the company because it’s either black or white, with or without business. To make the company seem more like a realistic company that is convincing towards the audience, each of us consulted our parents about their careers and their companies.

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Ashmeet decided to play the character that represented all the power and control, which thereby means that her job at the company would have to be something like a big boss or manager. Then we had to develop my character and John’s character using the idea of having stereotype roles for John’s character, freeze frames and hot seating for my character. John developed his character using the stimulus we had from doing the ‘power and control’ warming up exercise because we discovered that when we did it as a group, Ashmeet and I, ...

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