An Essay on Improvisation

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Charlotte Seward                28/04/02

An Essay on Improvisation

The improvisation this piece of work is based on was a short piece about two friends, and a strange woman in a laundrette. We got this idea from a member of the audience, who chosen title, as it had to be off the cuff. Two titles were suggested, but the one chosen was ‘The Washing Machine.’ We liked this title because we thought it was a fairly broad title, which we could develop in as many directions as we chose.

The plot we developed was a humorous scene about two people who go enter the local laundrette, ostensibly to do their laundry. The people are in their late teens/early twenties, so they are not living at home anymore. The two people were supposed to be friends, who were not that close. The group had discussed making them  have come to be friends through visiting the same laundrette and/or flatmates, but both these ideas were abandoned as we decided they would be to hard to make come across. Because of the short amount of time given, all the characters had to be developed by very limited discussion.

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Sat on one side of a bench in front of the washing machines is an old woman. Sat in one corner is an old woman, who keeps peering at the tow friends. After some time, the friends notice this. One of them explains to the other that the old woman is there every day and never does any laundry. She then goes on to comment that she suspects the old woman to be deaf.

        The two young people then launch into a tirade of criticisms against the women, presuming that she cannot hear them. However, the elderly woman surprises the ...

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