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Firstly we looked at the photo ‘The return of Robert B’ and described how the proxemics and physicality of the characters in the picture helped to depict relationships within the characters and individual emotions. Regarding proxemics the closeness of the children to the father showed confidence and independence in their own feelings. Physically they showed large physical and facial expressions, showing confidant and open emotion. Whereas it seemed the children closest to the mother still relied on her guidance and protection, their physicality was smaller and therefore their emotion appeared smaller or at least slightly hesitant. Just from looking at the picture it seemed that there was an underlying tension, we cannot see the fathers face so we cannot perceive his facial expressions. Additionally we don’t know what is going to happen when the children reach the father, the picture creates suspense.

As a group we improvised a dream scene, we chose to portray Robert having a dream in a surrealistic manner; our aim was to create tension. In order for our improvisation to be success as a group, we needed to co-operate, listen to and acknowledge all ideas. We had the idea of him sleeping and voices of his worst nightmares surrounding him. With the use of proxemics to portray narrative, Robert lay on the floor as his nightmares stood up surrounding him, wherever he turned guilt was their. We gradually built up the pace and dynamics as the piece progressed, the dialogue being delivered much louder with a more aggressive, sharp tone to it. We then had a pause, breaking to a sudden silence which created a new kind of tension. The different characters had contrasting tones, pitches and pace. The child’s voice was slow and quiet with a high pitch to it, whereas the soldier was loud, fast and booming. We layered all the voices, making the audience wait for the climax, with many degrees of vocal tone and a texture of sounds.

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We then improvised a scene in which we had the mother and children preparing for the fathers arrival home. The phrase ‘Everything is ok’ was repeated by the mother, the repetition reinforced the fact that it was not. The tone of voices changed to depict relationships, when the younger child spoke to her sister and said “I’m painting a picture for daddy” her voice was more aggressive and deep whereas when she spoke to her mother the pitch went higher and lighter, showing her desire to be liked. Fear and anxiety was showed in the physicality of each person. ...

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