Charlie's angels - Comment on the opening sequence of 'Charlie Angels' engage and entertain the audience as well as prepare them for what is to come.

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Charlie’s angels

Comment on the opening sequence of ‘Charlie Angels’ engage and entertain the audience as well as prepare them for what is to come.

Charlie’s angels was a hit TV series in the 70’s. It was a detective/mystery show in which three girls, the ‘angels’ worked for a millionaire called Charlie whom they had never actually seen. It was very popular as it included sexy girls, the angels, with short skirts donning stylish clothes and hair. Although it can be said that for this reason it appealed to men; it also appealed to women as it made them yearn to be like these girls. The series was the first ever girl crime force and thus demonstrated feminism and ‘girl power’. This would have been extremely popular among the women in that time.

A remake was bound to be successful as women had earned more equality and were now very aware of what they could do with their new rights. Furthermore, the ‘girl power’ that came through on the TV series would come through with the film producing the same desired effect; permitting it to be very popular amid women, however now, to an even greater degree. Increasingly films and other various methods of girls and girl power were slowly diffusing into society. Examples of this are the Spice Girls and the film Independent woman. The Old TV shows of Charlie’s Angels gained cult status. Stores that sell those videos or dvds would usually have a section dedicated to them. Also other TV remakes turned out to be very successful, like Mission Impossible. This gave more evidence to secure the theory of a remake of Charlie’s Angels being a success.

Although Charlie’s Angels was assured to be a huge hit, a range of changes were made to make it relate to a modern day audience. The writers had to add aspects that people seek in films today; Comedy, special effects, action, suspense, sexy women and girl power. Some features were already installed into Charlie’s Angels in the 70’s and these were the main foundations of the show. Nonetheless there was a huge difference in style. Comedy was added in an effort to attract the younger viewers and additionally special effects were added that could not have been added in the 70’s due to the technology. They thus had to change to provide for a modern day audience.

The target audience is a vast scope and range of people expecting various things. The audience would initially expect sexy woman, action, suspense, special effects and glamour. Fans of the 70’s TV show would be drawn to the film. As would girls and woman specifically due to the ‘girl power’ aspect. All the conventions mentioned above would attract mainly men as these are the qualities that they would look at in a film. These would appeal to men as they would be attracted to the sexy women as ‘Angels’ and in a modern day society would enjoy the action and fighting. In an effort to attract more men, the same people as the very successful film ‘The Matrix’ choreographed the fighting scenes. This would make the fighting scenes more intense and of which could include special effects.  

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Comedy would attract the younger viewers like teenagers. The glamour would most be recognised in the teenager section as well because of the fast cars and glamorous clothing which will affect fashion. A great contributing factor to the eventual success of Charlie’s Angels was the vast scope for its target audience.

Firstly, the film starts with a camera rushing through clouds and into a plane. This is the establishing shot. As we now know the film is going to start on a plane,0 it infers and prepare the audience as whatever is happening is likely to be daring as well ...

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