Evelina Pogoriler

Readers Theatre

The show Dance of Death written by August Strindberg was directed by Karen Lordi.  This show is not a reader’s theatre production.  It is a representational theatre because there are only three defined characters that maintain their focus primarily onstage.   Though, sometimes their focus is offstage but no direct eye contact with the audience.  Also, spectacle elements are used in this production.  And, audience is not involved. For example, the entrance/exit is used through audience occasionally.

 The time is autumn.  It takes place in the living room of Captain’s and Alice home on the island of the coast of Sweden.  

There are three principal characters.  First one is Edgar (Craig Smith); he is the Captain in the Coast Artillery.  He speaks well.  His voice is deep.  He moves on stage very distinctively, slowly and sharply.  His walk is very effective, in that he shows to audience that he is part of military.  But when he gets sick, the way he is shaking is not so real. Or maybe that is the point to show that he is playing, since the whole play is about marriage games.  When he speaks to his wife Alice he looks at her. When he recalls something his focus is off stage but never to audience. Also, in the beginning of the play Edgar is less enthusiastic then at the end. When his wife says to him, “I wish you dead”, he is not very responsive. But in the second act when he brings the idea of divorce he moves quicker and speaks very eagerly. Last, in the play he is suppose to be drunk but in this performance he is not drunk, well, that is not effective. I think he does a good job to show that he is bored with life and that he hates and loves his wife at the same time.

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Next character is Alice (Elise Stone), who is a former actress and therefore she speaks very artistically and sarcastically. In the beginning of the play she is laying on the loveseat, and she so bored.  And that is effective because these people are, in fact, isolated and their lives are tedious and shallow.   For the most part she is repeating the same thing over again that she hates her husband and she wishes him dead. When she speaks these lines her voice becomes rough.  The quality roughness is very effective way of speaking because she shows how much she ...

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