I am going to be writing a review for the theatre performance I saw called "Bouncers"; I saw it at Wildern School in Hedge End on the 5th of December 2002.

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Bouncers theatre review

I am going to be writing a review for the theatre performance I saw called “Bouncers”; I saw it at Wildern School in Hedge End on the 5th of December 2002. This production was written by John Godber, he also wrote the productions of Shakers, “teechurs” and “up and under”. John Godber writes about normal everyday people. He mainly writes about the working class people who struggle and have unfulfilled lives and he looks at the humour and misery of their everyday lives. He finds comedy in the situation, even if slightly depressing, however he doesn’t laugh at the people in these situations.

The setting for the production is around a nightclub in a busy low/middle class area. The scene is not appealing at all and each character in the play is ‘bad’, ‘mad’ or ‘sad’. None of the characters are particularly likeable they all have their flaws.

The 4 performers were acting out 12 principal roles. The difficulty for them was making distinct differences for the audience to realise what character they were playing. There was no change of costume throughout the production but the characters were still easily distinguishable. The way that the audience knew that the characters had changed was by the actor’s versatile acting skills. They used their physical stance, body language, their mannerisms and their voices to get across to the audience which characters they were.

The bouncer’s stance was stiff and upright and arms folded. They were all stood apart in a straight line and were staring out at the audience, which was quite intimidating. At the beginning of the show the actors collected tickets while the audience was entering the auditorium, just like bouncers would have done, this really set the atmosphere in the auditorium for the performance. Also in the interval some of the audience came into the auditorium slightly late and the bouncers ran out down the hall yelling at people at the vending machine and generally haggling them like bouncers would, “you were at the bloody vender, what sort of lame excuse is that sit your asses down”. This seemingly ruff language really set the atmosphere and mood in the hall for the play.

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The ‘blokes’ who were out having a night out to ‘pull and drink’ seemed relaxed and fluent but as bouncers their movement was very static controlled and confident, unlike the sudden and erratic movements of the ‘blokes’ who seemed to be all over the place. In the pub for example no movements seemed to be controlled or planned. The lads were also always huddled together and seemed to be frightened too move to far away. If one went to the toilet they all went. They seemed to be all slightly differing clones of each other.

The actors all ...

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