I am going to start this "Response" stage by trying to say my understanding and interpretation of Bouncers. My interpretation of Bouncers is that it was a weird play

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I am going to start this "Response" stage by trying to say my understanding and interpretation of Bouncers.

My interpretation of Bouncers is that it was a weird play because there are the performers will have to play 3 characters each including "the lads" "the women" and "the Bouncers". Each character that one actor may play resembles each other. The bouncers and lads are just after sex with any thing that walks and the women seem to be slightly laid back. Bouncers is set in Hull, north of England and nights out on the town are wild and this play is about an average Friday or Saturday night in the 1980's and I think the playwright sees the pointlessness in it. Which I see his point because you work and graft for five days and get paid for it, then go out for one night and waste it on drink and cigarettes when they could be saving for a mortgage or a new car. The main target for this is the working class. I think this because the upper class and middle class don't go out on the town and get drunk because they would see it as absurd and hooligan behaviour.

In Bouncers there a few settings for the play. This helps you understand the meaning and pointlessness of it all. Firstly there is the club/pub next there is the hairdressers, this is where the actors will have to play women, I would suggest over the top stereotypical type, next there is the home of the women and lastly the is the scene in the toilet, which definitely should be acted over top and in a humorous way. We did this example in class which I will explain later.

The point that are covered are: alcoholism, this tells us by that the consumption of alcohol is at a high level in the play next there is sexual morals, this suggests that sex could be a key issue, working class life says to me that it is targeted at the working class, next there is "happy outside and sad inside" feeling for the real life people that do this and finally in this play, hopelessness is presented because what they are doing is getting there lives nowhere but wasting there money. Pointlessness of this kind of live criticises this kind of behaviour but this happens because people get stressed and run down and they need something to pick themselves up again. People do this again and again and become addictive to this and the addictiveness can kill and maybe this is what John Godber was trying to emphasise about the play. Because people can die from stupid things like drinking and we, the people who do it don't actually realise that it kills.

I think he set the play in the north of England because binge drinking is becoming really common is these areas and if he set it in an other area like France this would look out of place because they don't drink continuously they might not understand it as well as we would and they wouldn't see any major point to it. It is also very evident to me especially, that the humour is very British and would be extremely different to portray and transport to non-English speaking audiences. After all, humour is arguably the most important driving force in the play without in my opinion, it would be quite dull. However, above all, the social context is extremely important. The play is fundamentally English which addresses some very English issues. When Godber started writing the play the government and the citizens of Britain had really started to try and act due to drink. There had actually been many deaths in Britain, which had forced people to look at the problem of drinking in England.
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The actors should act with enthusiasm and meaning towards the play otherwise the full effect won't be given to the audience. I think that this play is aimed at middle-class not just about middle class because as I explained the upper classes behaviour doesn't lower itself to this criteria but I think the upper class might enjoy it just because of the humour.

When the actors change characters they will have to change there body posture, voice and gesture. For example when someone will act as the hair dresser they will need to change voice, posture, ...

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