Re: Production of 'All My Sons' at the Modern Theatre. (Letter to the director)

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Mr. K. Fitzgerald

Modern Theatre

White City


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1st March 1947

Re: Production of ‘All My Sons’ at the Modern Theatre.

Dear Mr Fitzgerald,

I am writing with reference to your proposed production of my play, ‘All My Sons’ at the Modern Theatre in London. Living in the United States, all of my plays have used the American Dream as the ironic basis of the storylines. The American Dream is the American ideology of self-reliance. To achieve as much as possible and to build a stable lifestyle for himself and his family, creating dependence and financial security, everyone must take ownership for their support.  This is important to how it is interpreted. You may find some of my suggestions useful in giving the audience the desired messages.

I was inspired to write this play by the Norwegian playwright, Henrik Ibsen. I felt that the realism, unity of time and place and the realistic language used by Henrik Ibsen worked effectively as I incorporated them into my play. To show the realism I also felt that is was appropriate to create characters that wrestled with personal and social responsibilities.

I originally wrote this play to communicate a number of messages to my audience, the first being the importance of social and personal responsibilities within America. Personal responsibility has come across being sensible in the past, but this play shows that social responsibility is also very important for a person’s duty to protect all their sons in society, which backs up the title of the play. This should make the audience think more closely about Joe Keller and his duties to all of the soldiers that dies because of him. I want to put in question death, betrayal and injustice and how we are to account for this little life of ours.

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This is not a very pleasant play; in it I try to show how we can be better by thinking about the characters and their actions in more depth. I wrote this play with conscience and compassion, remember the playwright is nothing without his audience.

The characters that I created provide the drama through their natural dialogue and the revelations that emerge from this. I will start by describing Joe Keller. Joe is the central character in the play. Joe’s character is shown more through his relations with others. We must remember that Joe is not a very bad man ...

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