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Commentary “Are you having a baby”?

The aim for this piece of coursework was to give advice and inform teenage first time mums of the important facts they will need to know during their pregnancy and what to expect. I wanted my audience to be teenagers because I can relate to their mental state and I have a brief idea of what must be going through their mind. At first my leaflet was going to be aimed at mums as well as dads but then I decided that I was only going to aim it at girls as they are the more vulnerable and I know that girls at a time as crucial as that, need reassurance and support. When I was writing my text I had to be careful not to use too complex words just in case my audience wouldn’t understand it or get bored of it.  My audience is girls between the ages of 13-19 and that are pregnant or planning to get pregnant.

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The content of my work was the most challenging part for me as I was either writing unneeded information or the information was over the word limit as it becomes obvious if you compare my first draft to my final piece. I knew what I wanted to include but I knew I couldn’t so I had trouble cutting words and sentences out and trying to reword them.


Structure of the leaflet was based according to the pregnancy duration. My beginning started with “have you had unprotected sex?” and the ending prepared the reader for labour.  But after a ...

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