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AS and A Level: Other Playwrights

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  1. Marked by a teacher

    Examine the relationship between Volpone and Mosca in Acts I and II of the Ben Jonson play "Volpone"; to what extent is Volpone presented as the dominant partner?

    3 star(s)

    This social dominance on Volpone's part is also seen immediately in Act I Scene i, as Jonson presents Volpone languishing in bed while Mosca does his bidding, waking Volpone for the day and opening the shrine at his behest to reveal the 'saint' that is his gold. This wealth provides another area of dominance, although this is also a factor affecting class, as Mosca is dependent on Volpone's wealth to support him as this provides him with a home and pay, so the typical master and servant positions are assumed.

    • Word count: 1319
  2. Vasquez is instrumental to the tragedy, but is not himself a tragic character. Exploring ideas about tragedy, consider the role of Vasquez in "Ts Pity She's a w***e"..

    Vasquez's subsequent triumph over Grimaldi, and the pleasure he seems to take in his victory over the higher-ranked Grimaldi is a recurring characteristic of his, in that one of his driving motivations is to prove his ruthlessness to those who may doubt him. Indeed, Vasquez's bloodthirsty nature seems to be something that pushes certain aspects of the narrative forward, and is often used by Ford as a literary device with which the plot can be pushed forward; this is seen prominently in plot threads such as the one wherein Vasquez schemes to punish Hippolita.

    • Word count: 1616
  3. It is the blindness of Oedipus that leads to his destruction. Discuss.

    By end of the final act of the play, he will discover, by 'having his eyes opened', that it is he who is unclean and that he is the "shameless, brainless, sightless, senseless sot." I will now discuss the ways in which Oedipus can be seen as blind, and how it is this blindness that leads to his destruction. Firstly, Oedipus can be seen as blind because of his fatal flaw that is arrogance or "hubris." It is clear very early on that Oedipus has a pride in his own ability and his power that, as the play progresses, overleaps itself.

    • Word count: 1033
  4. Antigone by Sophocles presents a moral conflict over whether the gods law or the Kings law is more powerful.

    It acquires a lot of valor to make a stand and defend an action or a belief that is prohibited by society. Being faithful to her family was of high priority to Antigone. She shows much of Oedipus's character in her impulsiveness, and determination to do what she felt was morally right for her family. They both had exceptionally strong personalities. Antigone showed her mental strength when she risked her life to honor her brother's death; Oedipus showed his when he risked his life to protect the citizens of Thebes from the sphinx.

    • Word count: 1082
  5. In Lorcas Play The House of Bernada Alba examine Religion throughout the play and the significance it has.

    We see this as she says "The sound of those bells is right inside my head." This quote could be seen as symbolism as at the time the church was very oppressive, this is where we see the church and religion take an important role in the play straight away. We also see religious connotations from the play through the set, in the introduction to the play it says "An extremely white inner room in Bernarda's house. Solid walls. Arched doorways with jute curtains edged with tassels and ruffles."

    • Word count: 1494
  6. All human interaction is powerplay. How is powerplay represented in Antigone?

    He believes that he is restoring stability and peace to his kingdom by establishing such an inhumane law. He also reinforces his view to "not give equal honour to good and bad" which portrays Creon nature to reward the loyalty and punish the rebellion. Furthermore, Creon contends that he must appear to be a powerful and tenable leader of Thebes. He explains to Haemon that letting Antigone go with impunity for defying his laws would make him a traitor as stated in 'How if I tolerate a traitor at home, shall I rule those abroad?". This is ironic as Creon himself develops into a traitor since he refuses to comply with divine law.

    • Word count: 1366
  7. Achebe portrayed Ekwefi(TM)s relationship

    Okonkwo's reputation as a cold and fearless warrior plays a large part of his apparent detachment from Ekwefi and as such we get the sense that he does not care about her greatly however rare moments in the book give an alternative idea. In chapter 11 when Enzima is taken and Ekwefi follows we see Okonkwo come to find her "tears of gratitude filled her eyes". Okonkwo has always considered showing emotion to be weak but this shows us that beneath his exterior he does care.

    • Word count: 1955
  8. social class

    He achieves this through stage directions and dialogue. However, in 'Regeneration' Barker uses detailed narrative to portray her characters which can help the reader build up an understanding of their problems, as the story progresses. Social Class is an important theme throughout both texts and through the presentation of this theme; we see diversity in the two writers' views of social class. In 'Journey's End' Sherriff uses the character of Trotter to present the situation of a NCO, who has risen from the ranks; although as an officer, he does not share the same social background as the other central characters.

    • Word count: 1522
  9. The Irony and Puns in the Changeling Reveal the Characters actions are prompted by an Individual s****l Drive though they are often unconscious of the fact .- How far do you agree with this Review?

    Alsemero says "I love her beauties to the holy purpose" and this again is an affirmation of the physicality of his attraction to Beatrice. Beatrice's heightened awareness of this fact and the power of physical attraction is exemplified by her statement that eyes are "rash sometimes, and tell us wonders Of common things, which when our judgments find, They can then check the eyes, and call them blind". The fact that she speaks in verse gives further emphasis to the idea of the deceptiveness of looks and that blindness lies in seeing without thinking.

    • Word count: 1019
  10. god's lift is out of order

    On the other hand the whole story is about the central character and a boy named Aaron. I think that Aaron and the main person is very close friends, and maybe Aaron is a bit in love with her too, but don't really dare to show it because he knows that she is together with Ed. Aaron tries to express his love in a letter to the narrator, but she had made a laugh out of the letter with her friends, and when she talked with Aaron in the phone, at a party where her friends are in the background,

    • Word count: 1187
  11. Throughout the play Arcadia by Tom Stoppard there is a distinct difference between the characters who have a science background and those who do not.

    Throughout the play he acts with little regard to the truth. He rarely looks to proof when coming up with ideas and theories. He feels that if there is the slightest proof that he is correct then he is able to tell everyone it is the truth. He completely disregards the logical way of thinking that theories can be proven wrong. He never takes the time to see if his theories can be proven wrong. Here Hannah shows her dismay with Bernard's irrational behavior: "You haven't established it was fought. You haven't established it was Byron.

    • Word count: 1433
  12. How far do you agree that Wycherleys The Country Wife is an attack on marriage?

    Throughout the play, nearly all characters are preoccupied with their reputation, and thus lie; but as the play ends with the restoration of order and inevitably the truth comes out, Sparkish, the stock fool, explicitly portrays the reality of marriage. Revealing his real attitude to his marriage vows, he declares he would have cast off Alithea ?with as much joy as I would after the first night, if I had been married to you.? The candid language stresses the lack of respect and affection he ever had for her, and hence his indifferent view of marriage.

    • Word count: 1598
  13. In Oedipus Rex by Sophocles, hubris is the essential cause of Oedipus downfall because it is the reason why Oedipus killed King Laius

    In Oedipus Rex by Sophocles, hubris is the essential cause of Oedipus? downfall because it is the reason why Oedipus killed King Laius, it prevents him from discovering the truth sooner, and it causes him to anger the gods. The main reason why Oedipus killed Laius is because of the strong urge to protect his pride. When he tells Jocasta about how he was attacked by a man who fit King Laius? description, Oedipus reveals, ?The old man saw me / And brought his double goad down upon my head / As I came abreast.

    • Word count: 1262

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