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AS and A Level: Other Playwrights

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  • Marked by Teachers essays 1
  1. What are the main themes to emerge from the first three acts of 'The Changeling'?

    He compares his feelings with her to the Garden of Eden, Beatrice being Eve and Alsemero Adam. Religious allusions are prevalent in the play and the creation story is particularly fitting; the temptation into sinning reflects the position of Beatrice and Deflores, who she refers to as a 'serpent'. It is clear that Alsemero's feelings for Beatrice have affected him as despite the good weather conditions he refuses to leave. Both Alsemero and Jasperino talk of the changes in the wind which reflect the change within Alsemero and show the effects of his passions.

    • Word count: 2570
  2. The Use of Shocking and Stricking Visual Effects in Tis Pity She's A w***e

    This moment is extremely dramatic and shocking to the audience, as Giovanni's desperate nature if revealed here; Ford establishes both his character and his character's intentions very forcefully. Later in the scene, the two kneel together, making a commitment to one another. They both say the exact same thing, except 'brother' is changed to 'sister' where applicable. Ford here creates a dichotomy for his audience; without our prior knowledge, this scene is strikingly beautiful, but we as an audience as ultimately repelled and shocked by their declaration of love upon "our mother's dust".

    • Word count: 2272
  3. "The Changeling" is a striking illustration of how the genius of a great dramatist can transform the most unpromising melodrama into the subject matter of a memorable and harrowing psychological tragedy.

    It offers us a picture of the operation of folly and madness within the mind, and in doing so it explores 'abnormal' mental states; some critics believe that madness is of greater concern than the folly. Unlike the popular conception of Shakespearian tragedy that shows a calamity overtaking men and women, the dramatists penetrate the experiences of ordinary people and show us the tragedy of a world where people discover too late that they wear destruction within our own bosoms.

    • Word count: 2104

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