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AS and A Level: Alice Walker

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  1. Colour Purple - review.

    The forerunner of this is visualized when this is what the men look at in their magazines. The view that men have of women is one of this s****l being waiting to be had. Celie holding onto this picture is the same as a woman today buying a magazine that appeals to her inferior parts. "I'm not as pretty or as smart"(10) is played on throughout the book as well as in our culture. Women of the world today need to be attractive to be someone, or so it seems. The same way Celie is a barefoot and pregnant housewife living her fantasy of a singer that is attractive.

    • Word count: 1362
  2. What is our reaction or impression when we read or hear the term "white"?

    Looking at a different religion, it is very interesting to learn about the custom in Islamic countries, where the dead are buried naked, wrapped in a white cloth. Their belief is that it symbolizes purity and is a necessary religious practice for the dead to get to heaven. When it comes to facts, we also understand the necessity of white garments used in private or public hospitals, and most clinics. Here, there are compulsory regulations where all medical staff must wear white uniforms, ranging from caps to overcoats and suits.

    • Word count: 626
  3. How does Celie develop as a character and as a person in the first fifteen letters of the novel? "The Color Purple".

    In the eight years in between the two letters she experiences many things such as s****l abuse, grief and marriage. In the beginning of the book Celie's writing is very poor, with many vernacular spellings, "He never had a kine word to say to me" and poor punctuation, "She say It too soon" these back up the fact of her age and that she is poorly educated.

    • Word count: 530
  4. The project we did was a project on printing, we had to first gather images and other drawings to stick on a piece of paper, which the print will be based on.

    Then we cut out the lines that appeared on the linocut with a gauge identifying which parts we were going to colour our light, medium and dark colours. After that we printed the light colour we gauged out the light bit and were left with the medium and dark bits, after we printed the medium colour on the light coloured print we gauged out the medium bits and then we went over the medium and light coloured prints with the dark colour giving us a final print with light, medium and dark coloured bits giving the 2D print a sense of tone and shading.

    • Word count: 633
  5. Inheritance Pattern of Maize Cob.

    In this case, purple (T) is dominant to yellow (t) and round (R) is dominant to wrinkled (r). Parents: Phenotype: purple round purple round Genotype: TtRr TtRr Offspring: Genotype Number of offspring Phenotype 1 Purple round 2 4 2 2 Purple wrinkled 1 1 Yellow round 2 1 Yellow wrinkled From the table, we can see that 9 of the offspring are purple round (TTRR or TTRr or TtRr or TtRR); 3 are purple wrinkled (Ttrr or TTrr); 3 are yellow round (ttRR or ttRr)

    • Word count: 601
  6. Poem Comparison - Telephone Conversation.

    We also see that she is wealthy and cares about her image a lot - 'Lipstick coated, long gold - rolled cigarette holder piped.' From the view of the man he would think she is also a snob due to the way she is speaking to him and her questions. When the conversation starts it begins normally but is changed completely when the man says he is African - 'Self confession - I am African.' This suggests that the mans skin colour is a sin which he is guilty of.

    • Word count: 1431
  7. Explore how the Film 'Cool Runnings' Utilises Colour Imagery.

    You can't imagine anything bad happening in a place as beautiful as this. You don't have to use warm colours to show a beautiful place as there is a stark contrast between Jamaica and Canada where the second half of the film is set. But Canada is also a beautiful setting although there is a different feel to it. It's not the same as the warm happy go lucky feel of Jamaica. But a harsh cold feeling, that's very sharp. It reminds one of the ice queens, as it is harsh and sharp yet beautiful as well.

    • Word count: 829
  8. To investigate the chemical components in ink using chromatography.

    However since pencils are made of graphite, they remain stationary on the filter paper. 3.) The spots must be above the level of the solvent at the beginning of the experiment because the solvent must be absorbed into the filter paper so the components can separate and be displayed in a line vertically on the filter paper. If the spots were placed in the solvent, then the solvent would have got in-between the ink particles making it bigger and it would have looked like a blob and not like the chromatogram in the results.

    • Word count: 535
  9. Shug Avery has been presented as a rather likeable character in the colour purple, whom Celie has confided in, and has found true happiness with after the problems she faced throughout her childhood.

    her get through it, the death of her mother and the role of her looking after her young siblings show us as the readers the hard life Celie has. The forced marriage she goes through effects us and we feel like this is the way her life is probably going to be till the end. When Shug Avery is introduced and Celie seems to have an interest in her it makes us as the readers have a sense of hope for Celie.

    • Word count: 1590
  10. Slavery: A Recipe for Failure

    Slaves are encouraged to become so drunk during Christmas time, that they only see the poisoned side of being left to their own devices: "Were the slaveholders at once to abandon this practice, I have not the slightest doubt it would lead to an immediate insurrection among the slaves" (44).

    • Word count: 390
  11. Print making from lino.

    The surface of the lino is still fairly resistant to the lino cutter, causing it to slip occasionally. To get round this problem, the lino tile is ironed to make its surface softer and easier to cut. When heated, the whole tile becomes more floppy, so you have to be careful it does not bend under the pressure of the cutting tool and break in half, a bench clamp is used to get around this problem. Lino Cutting and Printing Process: 1.

    • Word count: 807
  12. What are the main themes of Pleasantville and how does the director convey them to the audience using cinematic techniques?

    One of the main themes of the movie is liberation. The town of Pleasantville, prior to the entry of Bud and Mary-Sue, is very regulatory, and leaves nothing to the imagination. In short, the town is dull and this is reflected by its lack of colour - the town is completely black and white. However, after Bud and Mary-Sue have began to awaken many of the citizens of the town such as Betty, Mr. Johnson and Skip, the town becomes much more lively, and there is a definite change - the town is now in colour.

    • Word count: 5430
  13. Compare and contrast the ways both Walker and Winterson present the protagonist experience in 'The Color Purple' and 'Oranges are not the only fruit' respectively.

    These two novels enter homosexuality in completely contrasting ways. 'The Color Purple' sees it as what sets Celie free. Celie needs to feel love, and she finds it within Shug Avery. Others do not try to repress her true nature at this point, as Celie becomes much more assertive with Shug around, and enters into her true self. 'You a lowdown dog is what's wrong, I say. It's time to leave you and enter the Creation. And your dead body just the welcome mat I need.' In 'Oranges are not the only fruit', Janette's homosexuality is frowned upon, and her 'family' attempt to discourage her by making her repent, and try to convince her that the 'demon' has a hold on her.

    • Word count: 927
  14. The Theory Of Colour

    In a fast food restaurant, where sales are limited colour and design will be used to encourage customers to eat quickly and leave. The psychology of colour shows the degree to which we are all affected at a subconscious level by colour. For example the colour pink is used to suppress feelings of anger and violence in disturbed adolescents. Colours can also be related to gender and sexuality as well as seen as relating to periods in history e.g. Egyptian, Classical, and Victorian etc.

    • Word count: 732
  15. Frank O'Connor said that the short story usually looks at isolated individuals who undergo a 'frontier experience.' How do the writers in this collection use language to present states of isolation and to show how their characters confront crises?

    the sandcastle and starts sulking in his own bedroom, this represents his childhood, and the adulthood is shown at the end when his father dies and when he grows up realising the power of the badness within him. At the end of the short story there is purification of his emotions, through the evocation of fear, as in tragedy when Col's father drowns in the sea and dies. Similarly in 'Killing Lizards', Gavin, like Col goes through the frontier experience of childhood to adulthood.

    • Word count: 2047
  16. Analysis of "The Colour Purple" -first three letters

    Let us firstly look at the social and historical context of the novel, as this may help us towards a better understanding of the characters, and the reasons behind some of their actions. Upon first reading "The Colour Purple" we may be mistaken for thinking that all of the novel's background is rooted in slavery and missionary activity. Though this is true in part, the novel also makes casual references to prohibition, the r****m and music during the 1920s. An important idea to grasp is that although the novel is not totally accurate, the general setting and time frame we are looking at is 1908 to 1940 in America's Deep South.

    • Word count: 2505
  17. Between Ourselves and Joebell and America The stories are quite different apart from the fact that both are about America, culture and identity.

    Joebell has been influenced very much by American films especially cowboy films. In Joebell's mind America is everything e.g. " Where everybody have a motor car and you could ski on snow and where it have seventy five channels of colour television". This is what Joebell is thinking about nothing else, just watching television all day. I think Joebell has a presence of fame, as he would go in a snackette and would take up a big space and just ask for a toothpick. Above all I think Joebell is a very interesting person, as he would do things that other people wouldn't.

    • Word count: 1007
  18. Examine the way Walker and Winterson explore the issues of gender and sexuality, with particular reference to women, in their novels.

    And rubbed his spikey chin against my face. I hated him. "'Sweet hearts for a sweet heart' he said. That day I had almost strangles my dog with rage... sweet I was not. o Paper shop couple - Jeanette's mothers views, they are not accepted in the society - Jeanette's confusion, creates humour "She said they dealt in unnatural passions. I thought she meant they put chemicals in their sweets. o Oranges - Lesbian bildungsroman o Comedy "She said they dealt in unnatural passions. I thought she meant they put chemicals in their sweets."

    • Word count: 799
  19. Alice Walker - Biography

    After that she traveled around Europe for the rest of the summer and her love for traveling was born than. After this traveling she returned to the Spelman College to start her junior year, but she was offered a scholarship to Sarah Lawrence University.

    • Word count: 407
  20. What key phenomena must theories of colour perception account for? Describe and evaluate how theories try to explain the phenomena.

    observations of our perception of colour and their significance will be discussed. Followed by a discussion of the two key theories that either separately, or combined, may account for these colour phenomenon. These are the Opponent Theory (Hering, 1878, cited in Eysenk and Keane, 2000) and the Trichromatic Theory or Young-Helmholtz Theory (cited in Reber, 1995). In addition, the Retinex Theory will be examined briefly. The essay will conclude by evaluating which model (if any) accounts best for these phenomena of colour perception. The visual system is involved in converting incidental photons into visual images in the world (Barker, Barasi and Neal, 1999).

    • Word count: 2417
  21. Despite Their Cultural Differences, Do Jeanette From ‘Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit’ & Celie From ‘The Colour Purple’ Both Share The Same Struggle?

    Celie's initial struggle takes on a much more chilling and darker tone. Her perspective comes from her being made to accept the role of a victim. Her stepfather tears away her basic human rights as he abuses her, 'He start to choke me, saying you better shut up and git used to it.' It is a constant challenge to achieve the recognition by others that she has nothing in her present, miserable existence. 'Why don't you look decent? Put on something! But what I'm sposed to put on? I don't have nothing.'

    • Word count: 2042
  22. Compare and Contrast “Little Black Boy” And “Sugar Cane.”

    They just portray these messages in different ways that are both equally effective in capturing the audience's attention. In "Sugar Cane" the anti slavery message is conveyed through the personified sugar cane. "His waving arms" "Is a sign for help" This quote tells us that the slaves aren't in control of their own lives much the same as the sugar cane plants. The sugar cane is almost pleading for help. William Black gets his anti r****m views by writing about a "Little Black Boy" who is the subject of r****m. "And these black bodies and this sun-burnt face" "Is but a cloud, and like a shady grove."

    • Word count: 774
  23. No More Sunshine on Leith

    He stood there, gazing at the pair, who looked as camp as camp can get. Both were men wearing bright purple and yellow suits, like something out of the 1950's. As they were talking and Mike watched them, he noticed a growing similarity between their behaviour and the kind that gets people beaten up in the streets for being h********l. Just as he was about to go and explain his situation, being left without a seat in a busy pub with someone else in his seat, when Danny came up to him carrying their drinks.

    • Word count: 814
  24. How does Walkers presentations of Womanism affect your interpretation of "The Color Purple"?

    I?d kill your mammy?. This leaves her with only one way out; namely to tell God. And with this act a new door opens into a world of opportunities, freedom and justice. When Celie writes her first letter one can say that a new body is created. Whereas her physical body suffers from violence and r**e which is shown in letter one ?You better shut up and git used to it?. But the new invisible body is safe and can?t be harmed.

    • Word count: 1197
  25. In her story Everyday Use, Alice Walker is telling the story though the eyes of Mama,

    Maggie and Dee have different thinking on their mother. The narrator says that she has had a dream in which she is on a TV show with her daughter Dee and the host is congratulating her on raising such a fine girl as her daughter. Then the narrator moves from her description of her dream to bring reality to light. ?In real life I am a large, big-boned woman with rough man-working hands? (page. 161), the narrator says, and she compares herself to a man who works so hard even to kill hogs.

    • Word count: 715

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