"poets rethink everything anew"show how two poems may have given you a new different sense of poetry and comment on how these effects were achieved

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“Poets rethink everything anew”

From your reading of poetry, show how two or three of the poems may have given you a new different sense of poetry or of human experience, and comment on how these effects were achieved in the poetry. Refer to poems of at least two different poets.

Poets often describe a scene for us to absorb or understand. Occasionally they feed us ideas to make us wonder, question and think.

I have chosen the poems “Hitler’s first photograph” and “The Captain of the1964 Top of the Form team” because they show us how time changes situations.

The poem “The Captain of the 1964 Top of the Form team” is written in the first person and is therefore is a more personal poem; the persona is a man yearning to capture the glories of his lost youth. It has a very nostalgic tone that makes it more intense and meaningful. It makes us think that as we get older things do change, and not always for the better: “I want it back. The captain. The one with all the answers”.

The persona in this poem was a very successful teenager: he was intelligent, confident, had an intense social life, he “lived in a kind of fizzing hope”, he had great expectations for the future.

However, when he enters into adulthood nothing is as good, he is not as successful as he hoped to be: “I say to my boss”, he has a boss; “I say to my stale wife”, his sexual life wasn’t as he thought it would be by looking at his teenage years where he was confident and successful with girls. The persona has a frustrated adult life where he is disappointed in what he has turned to be, his life as an adult is not connected to his life as an adolescent.

This poem shows me how, even if you are very popular and successful in your adolescent years, it can all turn around against you and have a very unhappy adult life where you spend a lot of your time looking back at the past with rose-tinted glasses and thinking he could have done so much better with his life.

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It is a lesson on how we can’t take for granted anything as our future is what we build throughout the years. The persona in this poem was a very intelligent teenager: “And the photograph. I look so brainy you’d think I’d just had a bath” and had a great future predicted for him: “I ran to the Spinney in my prize shoes, up Churchill Way, up Nelson Drive”, the names of the streets show expectation for adulthood because they have been very successful people; however he either made a mistake or there was a change in his life (the ...

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