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The View of Evolution

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Jessica M. Bird Ms. Castro Research Assignment Three English 101 The View of Evolution Evolution has been the debate for century. A lot religious groups are very against it, but those who are not religious tend believe it. Everyone on the earth wants to know how we came to be, religious or not. Many different views have came up in the past view years on the controversial subject. How do people know who is right? Are the views they're getting the right ones? ...read more.


There for creation cannot be scientifically proven. The site doesn't have any links at all. It seems to be like an essay and has different sections of the debate. It is also not a good source if an individual wants an unbiased one. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/evolution/. WGBH/NOVA Science Unit and Clear Blue Sky Productions. 2001. Web. October 30, 2009 Pbs.org as a evolution section within their website. It draws you in because of the colors and the many different links. However in the main links it does not talk a lot about evolution its more scientific and talks about Charles Darwin. ...read more.


This site seemed the most put together and organized site. It also focuses on just human evolution; therefore it would be biased to only the evolution of humans. On the left side it as a news column about what's happening it the science of evolution. The rest of the page has many different links. The first link goes to an interactive time line where you can see evolution through the ages. An individual can also launch a documentary to learn more about the subject. In the Learning Center link it has things teachers can use to teach this subject. This site seems to be targeted more for teachers than anyone because they can use all of the material in the class room. ...read more.

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