The View of Evolution

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Jessica M. Bird

Ms. Castro

Research Assignment Three

English 101

The View of Evolution

        Evolution has been the debate for century.  A lot religious groups are very against it, but those who are not religious tend believe it. Everyone on the earth wants to know how we came to be, religious or not. Many different views have came up in the past view years on the controversial subject.  How do people know who is right?  Are the views they’re getting the right ones?  

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        October 30, 2009

        This particular site focuses on the debate on Evolution Vs. Creation. gives both sides of this huge debate.  They really want their readers to know both sides before they can form an opinion.    The author tries to tell both sides of the debate but seems to be partial towards evolution.  He explains they cannot test creation because the creator cannot be tested (this is were faith comes in).  There for creation cannot be scientifically proven.  The site doesn’t have any links at all.  It seems to be like an essay ...

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