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This report is based on comparing six different documents.

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1.0 Terms of reference 3 2.0 Procedures 3 3.0 Findings 3 3.1 Prospectus Spelthorne collage 3 3.1.1 Description 3 Layout 4 Colour 4 Content 4 Purpose 5 3.1.2 Comparing it 5 Writing styles 5 Presentation styles 6 Layout 6 Colour 6 Content 7 Purpose 7 Common elements 7 3.2 Application form Spelthorne collage 8 3.2.1 Description 8 Layout 8 Colour 8 Content 8 Purpose 8 3.2.2 Comparing it 8 Writing styles 9 Presentation styles 9 Layout 9 Colour 9 Content 9 Purpose 9 Common elements 10 3.3 Hounslow council part time courses for all 10 3.3.1 Description 10 Layout 10 Colour 10 Content 10 Purpose 10 Compare 11 3.4 Hounslow council part time courses for all application form 11 3.4.1 Description 11 Layout 11 Colour 11 Content 11 Comparing 11 3.5 West Themes Prospectus 12 3.5.1 Description 12 Layout 12 Colour 12 Content 12 3.5.2 Compare it 13 3.6 West Themes application form 13 3.6.1 Description 13 Layout 13 Colour 13 Content 13 3.7 Evaluation 13 1.0 Terms of reference This report is based on comparing six different documents. I have to compare 2 documents from 3 different companies. I chose to compare 3 prospectuses and 3 application forms. All information was collected last year when I was looking for a collage to go to. I will be looking at different parts of the documents from how many pages they have and how they appeal to people looking for a collage to go to. I will also be writing about how well the documents do there job. 2.0 Procedures To gather my six documents I had to either travel to get them or order them from the internet. ...read more.


Hounslow part time courses for all sells course so it has every course in alphabetical order. In the Hounslow part time courses for all has its courses laid out in tables but with out the guide lines of the table there. Colour The colour schemes for the documents are completely different Hounslow part time courses for all has colour scheme 2 shades of green and a very dark purple, by looking through it you can see that green is the dominate colour the colours are eye catching for a second but when you look at them clearly they put you off this is because the colours used are too dark. On the other Hand Spelthorne also has one colour dominating its prospectus and that colour is purple it works well but if you keep looking at it, it makes you want to throw the prospectus in the bin but then again the colours they have working with this purple are good but on the whole the purple puts people off if seen to much. Now the West Themes prospectus that's a different story on the front cover the three colours used are red, white and pea green with black writing but once you look into this prospectus you can see that there is a different colour for every subject (e.g. performing arts is green whereas sports is blue). I like the colour coordination used it really helps the prospectus climb above the others also I noticed that West Themes used bright colours so they all stand out and they all make the writing stand out this is better then have just a few colours used over and over on every page. Content All three documents give out information on course but some more than others the Spelthorne prospectus gets straight down to the point were as the West Themes one gives out a little more information and also has questions and answered bout every course mentioned. ...read more.


3.6.1 Description The application form is grey and can be ripped out of the prospectus to be sent off it is laid out in portrait view and give the applicant enough room to write there answer to the questions asked. Layout This form is laid out in portrait view and looks very easy to fill in this is because it is laid out in numbered sections that have a few questions in each; the answers are to be written in boxes which are mostly aligned with one another. Colour There are only three colours used and these are white black and grey these colours work well with one another also these colours do not put the applicants off when filling in the form. Content Only a few things are asked this application for ask for details such as which GCSE grades you got and also ethnic background questions. 3.7 Evaluation Here I will write down the good and bad points of all my application forms and prospectuses Spelthorne prospectus Good points Bad points Gets down to the point The same colour is used over and over Very easy to read not a lot to read Doesn't give a lot of information on courses Explains things around local area such as jobs etc West Themes prospectus Good points Bad points Relates with my age group Too many pages Has answers to many questions on courses Lots of colours readers don't get bored when reading Hounslow part time courses for all Good points Bad points Give information on lots of courses Doesn't give enough information on courses Very straight forward easy to read I thought all the application forms were alike so I put them all into one table Application forms Good points Bad points Very easy questions Some questions are not needed Main headings stand out so the read knows what do to Some bits need bit more space to write longer answers 1 ...read more.

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