Assess the costs and benefits of one river management scheme you have studied

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Assess the costs and benefits of one river management scheme (15 Marks)

There are various arguments for and against the management of the Mississippi and in particular the method of hard engineering used. The Mississippi drains approximately one third of the USA and is a major transport route therefore it is essential that the river is managed efficiently in order to protect jobs, businesses and homes. Although the management failed in 1993 the volume of water was not accounted for, the sporadic volume was not designed to be matched by the management. In effect the budget was set out to prevent specifically flood of a lower volume of water, it can be argued that up until the 1993 floods it was working perfectly.

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In addition an argument against the management of Mississippi that floods have gotten worse was proved false as records at the time were inaccurate. It was also suggested that some levee’s breaking may have saved towns further upstream. Furthermore the jobs created by the construction of levees, flood walls and wing dykes and other management techniques have boosted the economy. There was also extremely hazardous antecendent conditions that could not be predicted, there was 200% more rain than usual for the particular time of year and people were unprepared in the west were flooding is uncommon, this could not be ...

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This answer shows that the author knows something about the Mississippi river management scheme, although some elements should be explained further. It contains some relevant case study information, including financial details. However, it does not make direct reference to the key words in the question - costs and benefits - and as a result seems to be answering a different question. More attention to the question as set would make a big difference.