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Health is the state of complete physical mental and social well being it is not just being absent from illness. Health can be defined negatively and positively an example of a negative approach to health is the holistic concept of health considers the whole person rather than just concentration on the one problem that they may have. It recognises that every aspect of health can impact on another. For example mental health can affect our physical health.

 Holistic concept of health is becoming increasingly used in mainstream medical practice as part of a broader view of  care as it looks at the person as a whole. For example if you are emotionally upset, you’re mental, social, spiritual and physical health can be affected.

“It is very difficult to separate the aspects of health as they are interrelated and interdependent”


Another negative approach to health is known as the medical model or the biomedical model of health. This looks at people as if they are machines. The body parts can be replaced or repair due to the fact that the body is seen as one big system. This means that if we ever become ill we go straight to the doctor and let the doctor diagnose what is the problem. The doctor will then provide a medication or recommend other ways to fight the problem. People who fall into this category are people who look for biological reasons for their sickness rather than looking at the other aspects of health. These people confront and handle the illness and ill-health when it is put upon them rather than promoting good health. In conclusion the biomedical model of health is the negative approach to health and health is seen as an absence of disease.

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The positive approach to health is known as the social model of health..The Social model of health realizes that illness can be caused by factors such as housing lifestyle and education. The social model of heath recognizes that there could be more than just one factor and that ill health can be cured by taking time to look at social conditions such as damp which could lead to colds, having carpet in your house if you have asthma can lead to flu and low income which can affect your health too as the amount of income you receive effects ...

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This essay is at a basic level in terms of A level work. Having marked this particular segment of A level for several years, I am aware of what is required and I do not feel that the writer has really looked at the marking criteria in order to check what is needed. There are some good pieces of descriptive work but they feel a little disjointed and the writer has not related them to the topic. It always helps to plan an essay of this nature in order to see the links as this will help to raise grades. A good start but much more research required.