Promoting Good Health- Unit AO1.

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Unit AO1: Promoting good health.

AO1: Evidence that you understand the principles of health and well-being, including the factors which can affect health and well-being.

AO1 (A):

You need to produce a comprehensive description which shows an in-depth

understanding of health and well-being.

Health means different things to everyone. There are many definitions of ‘health’ with them all being very varied and complex. Some are listed here:

The current WHO definition of health, formulated in 1948, describes health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

The general condition of the body or mind with reference to soundness and vigour.”

A condition of physical, mental, and social well-being and the absence of disease or other abnormal condition.”

From looking at the three definitions of ‘health’ it is very hard to find an overall definition as many factors can change this i.e. age and gender. I think to define health for me would be being free of diseases but also to feel physically, mentally and socially well in myself. For instance if I don’t feel happy but I am free of disease doesn’t generally mean I feel healthy as I could feel very run down from feeling sad or tired.

I would define an illness as a subjective notion that depends on your own interpretation of your mental and physical condition and what symptoms you class as an illness. There are 3 concepts of ill-health; Ill-health as a disease, a disorder and a subjective feeling of illness. Ill-health as a subjective feeling is when you start to feel slightly ill. Ill-health as a disease is when symptoms start to appear and ill-health as a disorder is when a body system fails to function properly. Sometimes if a person becomes seriously ill all these concepts will happen.

Definitions of health can be positive or negative. Positive health includes your social, mental and physical wellbeing and being able to maintain it whereas to define health as the absence of illness or disease is a negative view. It suggests health is not that appreciated until it is lost. A positive example of health would be if someone knew they needed to lose weight and carried on to do so successfully to improve their health and well being. Maintenance is a big thing for positive health. An example of negative health would be people that have this view would think if they had not visited the doctor for years would say that they were healthy, and take the view that "there is nothing wrong with me; if there was, I’d know about it". Someone with this concept of health is unlikely to view themselves as ill if they are a bit run down or depressed.

To define holistic health is if you are not well in one area, it affects the other areas of your being. For example, when you are in physical pain, it affects your emotions. And, if you are depressed, this affects your body and your energy levels.

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Moving from the centre to left shows the state of health getting worse, from the centre to the right shows health increasing. The treatment paradigm brings you back up to the neutral point and eliminates the symptoms of any disease. The wellness paradigm helps you move towards a high level of health and well-being. The wellness paradigm goes beyond the neutral point and encourages you to move as far to a high level of wellness as possible. It does not replace the treatment paradigm on the left side of ...

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