Do you accept the view of Ian Dawson that Wolsey's domestic policies were disappointing?

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Do you accept the view in source V that Wolsey's domestic policies were disappointing? (40 marks) In my opinion, I do agree with Source V in the fact that Wolsey's domestic policies were disappointing. The first disappointing domestic policy bought in by Wolsey was what he done to the church. The first point is the Ecclesiastical extravagance he bought in which established his own probate court. This was an incredibly smart move by Wolsey as again it monopolized power by making a court which was essentially run by him. This benefited only Wolsey as he was dealing with everyone's inheritance after they passed away, this meant that Wolsey could take what he wanted. This lead to Wolsey's wealth increasing and also lead to the Laity feeling disappointed as they was essentially being stolen from. This adds strength to the argument for source V as it states "an air of disappointment" which ultimately Wolsey's domestic policy Ecclesiastical extravagance was. This creates a strong argument as this source was Written by a historian called Ian Dawson who will give a fairly reliable view as he has made his own opinion from studying everyone else's. Throughout the whole of source V Ian writes in a modern context further strengthening the reliability and overall nature of the source. Overall adding weight to my point of agreement with Source V that Wolsey's domestic policies were overall disappointing. Similarly, another policy was nepotism. This was how Wolsey focused on family and friends, offering them jobs, help and support. This agrees with Source V that this policy was disappointing. As it didn't help the real domestic public, it kept the better off people sweet and
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made the struggling class struggle more. This again adds to the strength of the source that Wolsey's domestic policies were disappointing. On the other hand, there were domestic policies bought in by Wolsey which were successful and clearly illustrated that his policies were not disappointing. One case in which Wolsey excelled with his domestic policies was his running of the court of the Star Chamber. Wolsey excelled in this as the figures show, in Wolsey's first year of running the court his death with over 120 cases personally and made it easily accessible that anyone could apply for a case. ...

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