Louis XIV won the Dutch War but lost the peace. Discuss

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Louis XIV won the Dutch war but lost the peace. Discuss.

Depending on the aims of Louis between 1672 and 1679 and the outcomes of the war, one could argue both that Louis won the war and lost the war. However I believe that it is undeniable that Louis lost the peace between France and the rest of Europe after the Dutch War ended in 1679.

Firstly, there are several motives for Louis invading the Dutch, and the first most possible motive is that Louis wanted to expand his North Eastern Frontier. Before the Dutch War, Louis’ North eastern Frontier was extremely vulnerable as the land was very flat and there was no protection whatsoever from rivers or mountains, so he may have wanted to invade the Dutch to strengthen North Eastern France.

If this was Louis’ motive, then the Dutch war could be seen as both a success and a failure. It could be seen as a success in the view that Louis took the towns of Ypres, French Comte, Villeroy and Namur, which would have helped him strengthen his boundaries in the North east. However, if Louis motive was to strengthen his borders, then the Dutch War could also be seen as a failure, as the Dutch still remained a threat as their country wasn’t totally conquered. Also, Amsterdam was never captured by Louis, which could be seen as a failure as the capital city was still in the power of the Dutch.

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Secondly, another motive for Louis invading the Dutch could be because the Dutch are Republican and Protestant. Under the reign of Louis XIV, France was a very Catholic country, which was evident as Louis himself was named the “Sun King” and the “Most Catholic King”. It is possible that Louis wanted to invade the Dutch to remove any Protestant threat from around France, so with this as Louis’ motive, the Dutch war could be seen as more of a failure than a success.

It could be seen as a failure for numerous reasons, but first and foremost William of ...

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