Why did Germany lose the war?

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Richard Tandy

                                             Why did Germany lose the war?


     Germany’s last offensive, the “ludendorff offensive” failed miserably in August 1918 due to their army of exhausted soldiers failing to reach Paris in a last ditch attempt. Later that year all of Germany’s allies- Austria, Turkey and Bulgaria had surrendered and the Kaiser. Fled to Holland.

    A new German government was formed and immediately asked for a cease-fire.

    This signalled the end of the war. However, this was not the sole reason into why Germany lost world war one.

     There are various different events that took place throughout the war that accumulated in Germany ultimately losing the war.

     America, who had been supplying loans and equipment to the Allies since 1924 joined the Allied war effort in April 1917. This was mainly due to Germany’s U-boat campaign resulting in the destruction of the American passenger ship, the Louisiana and Germany’s suggested allying with Mexico, which acted as the final straw.

     However, by late 1917 the Allies had little cause for optimism. The American army had not arrived in force and the Russian’s had decided to make peace with Germany. Therefore, Germany could now transfer hundreds of thousands of troops back to the western front.

     On the other hand by 1918 50,000 American troops were being transferred to France per month. This and a combination of young well-fed, well-equipped troops and a boosted morale resulted in a decisive victory in late 1918.

    The “ludendorff offensive” had since been going well for Germany. However, more American troops were arriving each week. These troops were also supported by tanks, aircraft and improved artillery. On the 8 August the Allies counter-attacked along much of the western front. By October the Germans were in full retreat and on the 11 November 1918 the Armistice (cease-fire) came into effect. The Americans had played a decisive part in squandering Germany’s last hope. They did this by not only adding more troops and supplying better equipment, more importantly their arrival boosted Allied morale and spurred them on to one last effort to defeat Germany.

     There are many reasons to why Germany lost the war. One of the most important is Germany’s army losing the war on land.

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    From the outset things went wrong for the German army. The schlieffen plan was a big gamble and sure enough things went wrong. Firstly, Belgium put up a heroic resistance to the German advance, this then allowed British and French troops to mobilise and give Germany a nasty shock.

    Despite early success, the British were hugely outnumbered and the Germans began to advance. However, to Germany’s surprise Russia mobilised quickly and 100,000 German troops had to be sent to the Eastern Front to fend off Russia.

    Germany abandoned their original plan of swinging round ...

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