Why did Mussolini Become Prime Minister in 1922?

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Why did Mussolini become Prime Minister in 1922?

In 1922 Mussolini was appointed by King Victor Emmanuel III to become Italy’s Prime Minister. The Kings role was only the tip of the iceberg of reasons for why Mussolini gained power. Though fascism was very popular, it did not have enough seats in parliament to gain power, so other factors were mainly responsible for Mussolini Prime Ministerial appointment. The weaknesses of the Italian states and its long-term political frailties.  He was also helped immensely by the impact the First World War had on Italian politics, and between the period of the end of the war and Mussolini’s inauguration there was a lot of confusion which was mainly the trasformismo systems fault.

One major reason for his appointment was the weakness of the opposition to the Fascist Party; the main rivals of fascism were the Socialist and Liberals. Parties were very unstable because since the Risorgimento Italy had been under the rule of Parliamentary Liberals, and Prime Minister only lasted for short terms. The socialist who were really organised as a party did not gain enough support to stop the socialist because certain groups such as the agrari and intelligentsia feared their ideologies and policies.

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The liberals only a had support in the north because they had never solved the problems of the economically backwards South, so they were resented in the South of Italy. It can also be argued that the liberals never did anything to support the living standards of Italians. With this kind of opposition Fascism only had to pose their ideology on people which somehow was universally appealing to everyone.

There were several militant factions that were seeking government downfall. Mussolini initially avoided fascist violence, and then began to exploit it as a stratagem, to gain support from right wing ...

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