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Work Load is offered by Work Load Ltd, it's an established small Building business which sells there services across most of Torbay, The owner of Work Load is called Mr Gene, himself and a small group of builders work for the Business.

It’s based in Torquay, Devon.

Mr Jane at the moment is concentrating on employing more builders, as at  the  moment Work Load is only a small business and has only employed several workers. Mr Jane is hoping to employ more workers by Advertising his company on the television and on most bill boards across Devon. But as it is only a start up business, it is lacking in funds, meaning it can't afford TV advertising, meaning that Work Load can only use free advertising agencies such as Thompson Local and the yellow pages. So he hopes that I will be able to create him a new website that will promote his business.


 Mr Jane asked me too create a website for the Company as it does not have a website at the moment. Mr Jane thinks, that a website will attract much more customers, as a website will act like a large promotion for the business and it’s another way for a customer too contact us. Mr Jane also especially wants there Business  to appear in most search engines, when people type in “ Building and Luxury Renovations Torbay” Mr Jane is the founder of workload

The Current System,

To spread news about Workload, Workload will hire employee’s to hand out leaflets across Torbay regarding information about the businesses Daily activities of the business while also including such information as about the business and contact details. The Daily activities of the business will include a variety of information such as if a new employee where to join the business or how successful workload is on the day. The Daily activates will be spread upon several pages of the leaflet with heading News upon each page, with a different sub heading regarding each news article.  


The in which Workloads  advertised  at  the  moment  works  differently  depending  on  if  the  customers finds our Company in the Thompson Local, yellow pages or on one of the local billboards  scattered across Devon.

We use the Thompson Local Advertising agency as it is a free service and is generally easy to set up an advert on it, as it does not cost any money like other types of advertising methods e.g. TV Advertising, which can cost up to 1000’s of pounds.

 The way in which Thompson Local works is that the T.L (Thompson Local) reaches out to our audience using their own Thomson Local Business Booklet, where there are Hundreds of Adverts displayed on it including our own advertisement.

If a person where to try to find our business there would firstly have too buy a Thompson local Business Book which can cost up to 5 pounds or more. After Purchasing the T.L, the customer may then see our advert on a page in the Thompson local e.g. Page 15-17 Building society. The customer may then decide to use our services or another Business Services, this choice is crucial as the customer makes this choice depending on which advertisement appeals to him the most on the page. So it is our goal to make our advertisement as appealing as possible, by using nice colour's and by creating a unique style using a Graphic program. Our advertisement will include our company Detail’s such as what we do and how to contact us, these detail's will be used when contacting us.

The Yellow pages is another A.A (Advertising Agency ,  which works the same as the T.L. as both these Companies use the same advertising method’s, even so this may be true it is still important we use both companies as we can reach a larger audience if we display our advertisements on booth booklet's. As we know some people may buy the T.L or the Yellow Pages, and this will differ depending on who's buying it, so we are going to display our advert on both Booklets to reach all audience's.

we don't just promote our business on the Thompson Local and Yellow pages we also use other methods of Advertising our Business Locally. By using Billboards we can promote our business on the streets, ranging from main busy road’s too quiet country roads; this gives us a much wider audience as people are always driving. These Methods are very useful as it clearly displays our business Details and what services our business provides, on a wide open surface without any other distractions to our customer’s. The Business details will include our phone Number and Business Name; these Details will be used when trying to contact our business.

Using Workload’s business Detail’s the customer can then be able contact our business outpost, where there call will be transferred over to our secretary Caroline Cook . The customer will inform our secretary on what services there require, our secretary will then follow the procedure of writing down the customer Details such as their Name, Address and what services the customer requires, on a Paper Form.  This paper form will later be stored in our filing cabinets and given out to one of our local trade's man.



The Current system used By Work Load is  flawed  and does encounter many problems, mostly during the process of finding the business and deciding whether to Choose our business or not when using the Thompson Local. This may be true but, Thompson Local Book is useful, as it is free and we are advertising our company locally meaning that we are reaching our customer’s, but this system is flawed as Hundreds of Adverts are displayed on each page all offering the same service as our Business, meaning that we are purely relying  on chance that our business stands out to the customer.

2)People now have many ways of contacting Businesses all around the world due to our advancement in technology, and now the old previous ways of contacting businesses such as ringing up or visiting the business in person are now less frequently used, as customers feel that it takes a lot of time and it's a general Hassle. Individuals now mostly use the Internet when contacting a Business and ordering online, as it is fast and no problems occur when typing in Details. This is a serious Problem for the Business Work Load as it relies on people ringing up the Business and using Thompson Local Advertising, these are the only ways that people can contact our Business because Work Load does not have a website, meaning that  our customers are limited  to only a couple of ways of contacting the  business.

What can be done to reduce these Problems?

An online website works like a large promotion for the Business; it promotes what we do, (we sell different services) and where we are (business Details). Meaning that customers now have many more ways of contacting us and finding out about our business  

The people at Workload’s outpost who answer the calls and maintain the website are the users. The users must first have a reasonable understanding of ICT and I may construct a guide  

Michelle Mathews-Network Manager
Michelle Mathews is a well-educated middle class citizen, she was born in Devon, Totnes where she attended King Edward VI Community College for several years and successfully completed her GCSE’s with high result’s (A,B,A,D,C). After completing her GCSE’s she knew she wanted to further her education and so decided to attend south Devon College where she studied home economics’ and IT, from doing so she earned a broader understanding of IT which she would later develop into a passion. After several years of studying Home economics and IT at south Devon college she finally finished with exceptional results (A,B) at the age 19. After leaving south Devon college she began her first job of being a waitress in one of the nearby restaurants, as she did not have enough money to go to university, this job helped her gain the confidence to talk to people and help her interact with people she doesn’t know. She finally left her job after several months of working there, as she had accumulated enough income to finally go off to university where she went to study home economics and IT. Throughout these years Caroline earned the skills needed to create very complex website’s and be able to understand several server based languages such as php and aspx. She finally finished university with two Second-class Honours, lower division degrees. She has now accumulated a large portfolio including dozens of job’s at the Age of 32 , and has developed many skills such as people skills, IT Skills and the dedication to stick to a job.

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Why you have considered these things?
The reasons why I have considered these individual aspects, when hiring a Network Manager is due to the fact, that these aspects will be especially important when handling different parts of the job; as network manager it will involve Supervising  and helping staff ; on a Daily Basis. So it is very important that as network manager you have good people skills and an obvious outstanding knowledge of ICT as you will encounter many problems regarding ICT.

Caroline Cook-Secretary
Age: 53
Caroline Cook is a reasonably well educated working class citizen, she was born ...

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