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ict work 2

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Positive and negative effects of ICT in view of its social, economic, legal and moral implications. The communication system in the world is essential to modern day life. This may include mobile phones or normal household phones, which instantly allow someone to hear another persons voice from anywhere around the world, after you code in the required phone number. This saves a great deal of hassle, time and money as there no need to actually visit the person speaking. Furthermore, a mobile phone, performing the same tasks can be used, which can be taken anywhere and is wireless. Also with the mobile phone, instead of talking to another person, messages could be sent known as 'text' or 'SMS' to whomever, and this will save more money and time. Similarly the modern day internet- with the e-mail system, could be used, to anyone or any company around the world who also posses e-mail addresses. Again, the communication is super fast and better than mobile phone text, the information is free, easier and more of it can be sent across the world. However, these can only be accessed by individuals and companies who have the means of accessing these technologies. ...read more.


However, there are many drawbacks to this method. For example, this method of shopping can create and increase health problems, as it cuts out the need of walking to the shops or the supermarket. Also it increases the risk of fraud as credit card details and other personal information may easily released into the dangerous world wide web, Electronic Funds Transfer Point Of Sale (EFTPOS) technology, allows money to be paid through credit cards at tills that accept them. This involves a credit card having unique identity and direct access to the owner's account, to be inserted into one of these tills, where the price of the items is taken form the bank. This greatly decreases the risk of burglary of money and stops any inconveniences caused by the carrying of money in your pocket. However, this method is not perfect as it is prone to credit card fraud and these cards can easily be lost. Furthermore, using this way for paying money makes the user less aware of the quantity of money that they spend, increasing the risk of debt and overdraft. Electronic Point Of Sale (EPOS) ...read more.


Change of Howard Health centre Working practices will obviously have to change in Howard Health centre, thanks to the newly introduced computerized system. The old typewriter, handwritten letters, huge filing cabinets and much more will have to go, now the computer is introduced. The average Health centre employee will have to get used to using the computer, and will find it very useful. The need for letters and stamps taking days if not weeks to come will be mostly replaced by the e-mail system taking seconds to send large amounts of info across the world. Making appointments on the internet will reduce the patients time of going on foot to collect the prescription of the specified medicine. Data will now be stored within this system that will take up far less room than before. Workers may also be aware of other moral implications of using ICT. Our staff must be aware of undesirable material and the misuse of computers at work. With this revolution of our system, we will need to train the staff to use this system. This will take time and cost money. Also we will have to find qualified teachers, which will again be a hassle. However this is all for good, as the benefits that usage of ICT will bring to our company are inconceivable. ?? ?? ?? ?? Amer Zeb 11G ...read more.

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