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Assignment A: Analysis of Transactional Website

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Assignment A: Analysis of Transactional Website ProSport is an online internet sports shop (www.prosportuk.com), it prides itself on it's commitment to sports people and supplying them with specialist equipment to perform and enjoy their sport to the maximum. There aim is to make shopping a pleasant and secure experience. ProSport has been in operation since 1986, it was started by Richard Sutton an ex-professional footballer with Norwich City and an England Youth International whose career was cut short by injury. Structure and Navigation The structure and navigation of the site is relatively easy to use and is well set out. The webpage has numerous navigation tools and links to other parts of the website, that all seem to work. The overall page has a good flow and has a good combination of text and picture that accompany each other well without clashing with each other. From the home page you will find eight sections containing all of the products. Once inside a section you will see a list of product groups on the left hand side. Once you have clicked a product group you are sent to another page, when inside click the picture of the product you are interested in, this will take you to an individual product page where you can make colour or size selection and add it to your basket. To go back at any point within a section use the list on the left hand side or the links in the grey bar near the top. To go from one section to another you will need to go back to the homepage by either clicking the home link or the proSport logo. The webpage has good navigation and is easy to control; the navigation bar on the left is the main navigation tool on the site. There are several different navigation tools, this include a search box and a specific sports search. ...read more.


They then can log in to skip this process by entering there password and email address here. Also it displays the basket at the top right of the screen clearly and it lets you enter items into the basket without having to be registered and then when you register it'll pick them items up again, this saves time and means that the user doesn't have to fill the form in for every item in the basket. The other method to capture user's information is with the secure order form, this takes secure information relating to your payment method. When you register to order from Prosportuk.com Limited you supply: * Your name, * Your invoice address * E-mail address * Delivery address * Phone number * Card information. They will never collect sensitive information about you without your knowing and consent. The information they hold will be accurate and up to date, this is done by email from the customer and the company. Payment methods available I will now show you how to order a product from the website I have been investigating. One the user has found a product they like or want, they browse the page. This is done by using the navigation bars, or searching the site with the search box. Once they are happy with the product they click BUY. This takes them to a new page. The new page looks like this (right), it is the user's basket with the product they wish to buy, the quantity and price. Once satisfied with the item of purchase and price, the user proceeds to the checkout The customer now has to fill this form in, about themselves and there personal information once they have done this they can log into a website every time with there password and email address. Once they have filled in the form and are happy with there order, which is in the top right hand corner of the page, they are then sent to an order summery page. ...read more.


A big improvement would be to introduce new methods in which they can engage, entice or retain their customers; for example run competitions, surveys and offer multimedia experiences. By introducing new methods it may take the company even further and build upon the methods they already use. Overall Evaluation The purpose of this website is to give customers the option of being able to buy from Bestbuys online and therefore help the company target a wider audience (not just the people in the area of the store) and increase sales. The sites design is very effective with a simple structure that allows easy and quick navigation for the customers. This simple structure helps load up the pages quickly and as a result the customer can navigate through the site even quicker. They capture and use customer information to help them with increasing customer loyalty and sales as well as methods to engage, entice or retain their customer. The process in which customers have to take to purchase from them is very secure and safe to use. I think improvements to the website would be to increase the amount of methods they are using to engage, entice and retain their customers (for example use new features like multimedia experiences and competitions), to have drop down lists for all the different types of products within the specific areas and 'Back to the Top' buttons at the bottom of each page to allow even quicker navigation for the customers, change the banner of the homepage so that it has all of the links the other pages have in their banners and change the 'search' function so that it is not so broad and therefore works more efficiently. Apart from the few improvements that could be made I feel the features they already have and use work together in such a way that provides a really effective site that meets its purpose greatly. ?? ?? ?? ?? - 1 - ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)


This piece of work offers a considerable amount of detail into the website being reviewed and also goes into a fair amount of depth about how the company use their site to try and build up their business. Importantly, there are some real observations about the things that could be made better with some suggestions for improvement.

In order to improve this piece of work the student needs to...

1) Give greater consideration to the structure of the report. This is particularly lacking in the first half of the document when there is extensive use of and reference to images from the website. There is improvement towards the end but greater use of headings/sub-headings would help bring out the ideas in a coherent way. This would also help the student achieve clarity with their explanations.

2) Improved use of subject specific vocabulary where possible. Generally, students should look in the award specification to see the words that the awarding body use in their own text. Using these words will help focus written content on what is relevant and also what is expected.

3) The QOWC and Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar sways from inadequate to good and there needs to be consistency in both of these. All students should give their work a careful read through to make sure that what they have written makes perfect sense and it is valid. Often a good way to do this is to read it out loud to someone else or get someone to check it for you.

Overall this is a 3 star piece of work but in places it is clearly higher. With some attention to detail and the points above it would easily achieve 4 stars.

Marked by teacher Ad Son 04/10/2013

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