Discuss security issues in e-commerce.

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Firewall can block Trojans. These can latch onto your computer files, then when you send a file they go with the file and makes more damage where it is received. They are very dangerous as they transmit what they undercover about you on a web server. A firewall blocks them from the outset, before they have a chance to infect your computer.

They are used mainly to prevent hacking. Without firewall security, a hacker could get a hold of your computer and make it a part of what’s called a botnet, which is a large group of computers used to conduct illicit activity, such as spreading viruses. A firewall prevents such peeping-tom intrusions.

Having firewall security will reduce the risk of key loggers monitoring you. A key logger is spyware software that cybercriminals try to put on your computer so they can target your keystrokes. After they can identify what you're typing in and where, they can use that information to do the same thing. This knowledge can help them log in to your private online accounts.

Firewalls are central points of attack. Firewalls are designed to prevent unauthorized network intrusions; however, if an intruder or malware slips through the system, your computer becomes vulnerable to additional system attacks. Once installed, malware can actually disable the firewall and processes used to run it, which is especially easy if you have no anti-virus software.

A firewall, especially the Windows Firewall, is designed to block activities that look suspicious. Unfortunately, a block can also extend to legitimate network-intensive processes. In some cases, even running a legitimate program such as a messaging program or social networking plug-in won't work if your firewall concludes it's a malicious process. 

Firewalls, especially the Windows Firewall, don't include malware and virus removal capabilities. Although there are some premium security tools that include virus removal and a firewall to block network intrusions, the Windows Firewall doesn't remove or prevent malware. If malware such as Trojans and spyware bypass your firewall, you must run virus scans and malware removal programs to remove dangerous files.

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Secure Socket Layer encrypts information so that it can only be read and understood by the intended people. Information submitted on internet forms pass through more than one computer before reaching where it needs to go and the more stops  it has to make, the higher risk that a third party can obtain access. SSL inserts random characters into the original information so that nobody can read it without the correct encryption key.

It also provides authentication. You want to be certain that the information on the website, goes to the correct server without being intercepted.  Customers can view ...

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