Explain how Tescos use information

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Explain how organisations use information

Types of information

Qualitative – Qualitative data is data that characterises but does not measure with numbers. Qualitative data describes whereas quantitative data defines.

Quantitative – Quantitative data can be quantified and verified in a statistical manipulation. Quantitative data defines whereas qualitative describes.

Primary – primary data is data observed or collected directly from first-hand experiences. This information can be relied upon because you know where it had come from. For example, surveys, interviews or questionnaires.

Secondary – Secondary data is data that is collected from other people; this information is less reliable as it’s from an unknown source for example, internet and books.

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Purpose of information

Operational support - Tesco will need to use information to track how many items they have to sell. They will use EPOS which stands for electronic point of sale; it is an automated till system used in many shops and restaurants. Tesco will use tills to monitor how many products are sold and if they need restock or reorder more items. When monitoring and controlling its activities Tesco can make immediate use of information from its operational support systems. When a customer purchases an item the EPOS system will track this and the data will be ...

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