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My Experience of IT Procedures and Policies in a large company

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Transfer-Encoding: chunked ´╗┐During the summer I completed a six week internship at BP. During this time I worked in a supportive roles as an Information and Data Management Analyst in the Global Wells (GWO) department. During the six weeks I adopted many procedures and policies that helped me complete my work easier. I adopted a range of internal policies whilst at BP that are relevant to support roles. There are lots of organisational policies and procedures. Firstly I adopted their storage and archiving procedures. BP archives and stores their data electronically. This was done on SharePoint and the information could be stored on there and can be accessed whenever it will be needed. By adopting these policies it make work easier as I could go back to files that I or my colleagues has saved to complete my work. Storing them on SharePoint made getting to files easier as they were stored in an organised way which helped when looking for specific files. Lastly, it also meant that other could gain access to my files in which could help them with their work. ...read more.


Being relaxed then consequently leads to good work. At BP many problems occurred and it was important to get them fixed in order to complete the work. If there was a problem with IT then it would be best suited to speak to the IT department for them to fix it. If it was a problem with the work then the best person to talk to would be my line manager and if I had a problem with another staff member then Human Recourses would be the best department for the issues to be resolved. For example, whist at BP the emails were down and my account got locked, so I had to contact IT for these issues to be fixed. Communicating with teams amongst the company will help with work as they can resolve any issues that you have that could be preventing you from working. When I was at BP, speaking to the IT team then allowed me to log in onto my computer which I couldn?t do prior and allow me to complete the work that I was unable to do without IT?s help. ...read more.


The last internal policy and procedure I adopted at BP is employment responsibilities and rights. When getting the job the employee will get a job description which will tell you the duties and responsibilities that are expected of you during the time you are at work. In addition, the employee will only sign if they are happy with the expectations of them and if they are not they can get them changed. Also, all employees must sign a confidentiality contract and receive the code of conduct to understand the behaviours they are expected to show whilst at the workplace. Lastly, all employees have rights in which they need to be aware of. This includes pay rights, not being discriminated and being part of a trade union. Reading through a job description allowed me to complete my work easier as I had already gained an understanding of what I was expected to do whilst on the internship. This meant I could just get on with the work and didn?t have to ask lots of questions on what I would be doing during the six weeks. Also reading the code of conduct made it easier to follow the behaviours that were expected of me rather than being directly told when I didn?t follow them. Unit 33 M3 ...read more.

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