My Experience of IT Procedures and Policies in a large company

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During the summer I completed a six week internship at BP. During this time I worked in a supportive roles as an Information and Data Management Analyst in the Global Wells (GWO) department. During the six weeks I adopted many procedures and policies that helped me complete my work easier.

I adopted a range of internal policies whilst at BP that are relevant to support roles. There are lots of organisational policies and procedures. Firstly I adopted their storage and archiving procedures. BP archives and stores their data electronically. This was done on SharePoint and the information could be stored on there and can be accessed whenever it will be needed. By adopting these policies it make work easier as I could go back to files that I or my colleagues has saved to complete my work. Storing them on SharePoint made getting to files easier as they were stored in an organised way which helped when looking for specific files. Lastly, it also meant that other could gain access to my files in which could help them with their work.

But, this information needs to be secure so I also adopted security and confidentiality procedures to ensure that the data is kept safe. SharePoint requires a password in order to gain access to the data and I had to sign a confidentiality contract to ensure I didn’t pass any of the information to other people outside the business. I also was advised by my team to always lock my computer when I left it and to not leave papers on desks that someone could easily read and see confidential information. Additionally, to increase security, all members of staff must have a pass that allows them to access the buildings and visitors must sign in with reception and obtain a visitors pass. This is all in order for staff to feel safe in the workplace.  It was important that I put passwords on SharePoint and on my computer because they held confidential information that shouldn’t be accessed by anyone apart from me. Also knowing that everyone in the building has access due to the access cards can help with work because it can put you on ease that no unauthorised people are walking around in the building. Being relaxed then consequently leads to good work.

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At BP many problems occurred and it was important to get them fixed in order to complete the work. If there was a problem with IT then it would be best suited to speak to the IT department for them to fix it. If it was a problem with the work then the best person to talk to would be my line manager and if I had a problem with another staff member then Human Recourses would be the best department for the issues to be resolved. For example, whist at BP the emails were down and my account got ...

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