Gcse Statistics: Coursework

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Aims, Design and Strategy

This investigation is all about finding out what affect's a person's ability to estimate. To answer the question to its full extent, I need to investigate thoroughly and be precise. My aims for this investigation are:

- To record what factors affect a person's ability to estimate and to what extent.

- To investigate the chosen variables in depth, to ensure an accurate result is made.

The strategy for completing this task will be to simplify down the investigation into different areas. From doing this I can investigate in more depth. I hope to achieve a conclusive set of results to show which variables affect a person's ability to estimate.

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My hypothesis of this investigation is that age and intelligence will be the two main variables to influence a person's ability to estimate. I think this because,

- For instance, if I compared a man of 45 and a boy of 15 to estimate, I'd predict that the man would estimate closest. I think this because the man has possibly got more experience than the boy at estimating.

- A person's ability to estimate can be varied by intelligence. For example, if I asked two boys in Year 10 to estimate, I would expect the boy with ...

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