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AS and A Level: Advertisements

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  1. Marked by a teacher

    Discuss techniques used in charity advertising with specific reference to particular examples and case studies.

    4 star(s)

    An additional reason why they target ABC1 35 to 55 year olds because they are more likely to have children, and thus be able to sympathise with the adverts, for example, they may think 'What if that was my child?' and as a result this may influence them to donate money to the charity. A technique charity adverts often use is sensational or emotive images, or even controversial images as this will have an impact on the target audience. For example, one of the Barnado's adverts it showed a young baby injecting itself with heroin, which is disturbing, and caused an influx of complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

    • Word count: 1438
  2. Marked by a teacher

    British Cinema Vs Hollywood Cinema

    4 star(s)

    This resulted in the British public wanting to see American films and in 1924 there was no such thing as British cinema. Hollywood however, was climbing its first steps in the direction of success. In 1933 this changed again as some filmmakers including Alfred Hitchcock got together and made Woman to Woman, a very successful film. As you can see these were the first things that had an impact on the route that both sides would take later on. About a century later Hollywood and British films have improved rapidly but in totally different ways.

    • Word count: 1497
  3. Marked by a teacher

    Patek Philippe magazine advertisement analysis.

    Revealing the value of the watch in monetary terms would prove detrimental to the priceless message the advertisement conveys. The largest and most prominent image of the advertisement is that of a father helping his son with his homework. The boy is dressed for school and the man is dressed in a suit for work. The suit implies a successful businessman from a middle-upper class. As such, readers might perceive purchasing the watch as an indicator that they have reached the same social class. In addition, the father here might also appeal as a role model. He is both attractive and well dressed, implying a successful life.

    • Word count: 752
  4. Peer reviewed

    Ralph Lauren Ads for Men and Women: A Semiotic Analysis. For the purpose of this essay I have decided to concentrate on four printed advertisements for Ralph Lauren.

    5 star(s)

    It is no wonder that advertising is constantly being studied and analysed due to the constant speculation of 'hidden meanings' and underlying messages. Using semiotics in advertising can help to reveal the hidden meanings and messages in the underlying level; this modern day method of semiotics is based on the writings of Charles Pierce and Ferdinand Saussure (Beasley and Danesi 2002 p.20). For the purpose of this essay I have decided to concentrate on four printed advertisements for Ralph Lauren.

    • Word count: 2103
  5. Free essay

    Using AIDA to analyse an advert for a power bar.

    Our attention is also grabbed by the huge weights he has above his head. These weights look ridiculously large and heavy for him. Then our eyes go down to the energy bar and the advertiser has our attention focused on the product which is being sold: Power. We also now understand why the weights are so big! I: Interest With interest, we now examine the advert more closely. We read the headline. It is in bold to grab the readers' attention and to hold our interest.

    • Word count: 1170
  6. Gender stereotypes in two adverts and how the US Government publicises its War on Drugs.

    Males act strong, tough and hide their emotions. LUV Diapers Gender identity is very significant in understanding consumer behaviors. There are differences in assumption about s*x-typed behavior. We expect males to achieve "agentic goals, which stress self-assertion and mastery" and female to meet "communal goals, such as affiliation and the fostering of harmonious relations" . Consumers often react strongly to s*x typed products and also assume certain s*x typed behaviors. Therefore, marketers study these behaviors and use different approaches to targeted gender. These are easily found in TV commercials. For example, Luv diaper commercial portrays stereotypical gender roles. One Luv commercial portrays a woman holding a baby very carefully while gentle background music plays.

    • Word count: 2276
  7. Analysis of Lady Gagas Official Website

    It would also be aimed at web 2.0 users as the navigation usage is something that is more organized than a new internet user could use easily. Users have to be familiar with how to navigate around. You can tell this from the drop down tabs that come up if you go over 'Event's and 'Info', Ect. However from what I've seen, it's mostly male and females between the ages of 15 and 25. I think both male and female like her equally.

    • Word count: 1000
  8. Free essay

    The Nike Magnet advertisement. This advertisement tries to showcase how Lance Armstrong(the central character) struggled and succeeded in his fight against cancer. The clip begins with an long shot that showcases the raging sea and slowly and partially

    Then the clip moves onto an overhead shot of Lance cycling on a highway and as the camera slowly zooms out it brings the misc-en scene into the frame. The setting of this shot is probably in some barren area probably to showcase a brief period of hopelessness that almost all of us face at some point in our lives. The focus on Lance is lost and now the focus shifts to a flock of birds that are flying over Lance's head in almost an arrow kind of formation.

    • Word count: 1046
  9. Analysis of the Guinness TV Advertisement Tipping Point

    The clear idea of community and group work is the desired projection that Guinness aimed for. Focusing on the idea of collective effort, and bringing people together which is much unlike its previous advertisements. Previous advertisements were aimed at traditionally immigrants from Ireland and the Caribbean. But this advert is an attempt at broadening the target audience and appealing to more ages and cultures. By broadened the once limited target audience, Guinness aimed to project that it is a community based drink and brings all-manner of people together creating the idea of being friendly and amiable.

    • Word count: 1498
  10. My report on the Advertising Industry. I have been spending the last week and a half at advertising agency Impact BBDO, in Abu Dhabi, and have gained an insight into what goes on in this business.

    A variety of forms of qualitative market research is done, which includes interviews and focus groups. The planner and the creative team typically work closely on developing the creative brief. Media Planning and Buying Media specialists plan the most effective and economic way of bringing the advertising concept to the target audience. They are very creative people who do their best in searching for fresh and stimulating media opportunities for revealing their advertising message. They also need to haggle the best time slots, spaces and prices for advertising in various media. They are dealing with newspapers, magazines and television companies daily to accomplish the best deals.

    • Word count: 897
  11. Contrasting Static Advertisments. The advertisements that have been selected for this language study are Smirnoff and Absolut vodka

    It suggests a carefree lifestyle, and the vague couple in the background reflect this. In the Absolut vodka advertisement, it appeals to the older aged men or women and their sense of humour, or those that are familiar with the magician Harry Houdini, who was famous for his "disappearing act." The part of the static that captures the attention of viewers is the lack of a bottle in the photo, and of the name "Houdini." As Harry Houdini was a magician of the DATE, few adolescents or otherwise would be familiar with his name or what he was renowned for,

    • Word count: 1453
  12. The following advertisement for BMW incorporates s****l visual imagery without placing much emphasis on the product itself. The signifiers for this advertisement include an almost naked man and woman in bed, a magazine featuring a picture of a red BMW

    The advertisement shows a woman figure with the head of a BMW car, under a man. This ad is very feministic, in which it refers to the woman as the other. One can interpret the ad as displaying the woman as more of a tool where we see that she has no face. This representation dehumanizes the women by taking her identity from her and replacing it with a car. The fact that he is having s****l intercourse with a magazine cover on a woman is also demeaning and degrading.

    • Word count: 498
  13. An introduction to Advertisement analysis. In the article Beauty (Re)discovers the Male Body, the male body as a public image (in advertising more specifically) is thoroughly discussed.

    The advertisers not only look to sell their product, but to capture a specific audience by depicting men or women (in most ads) in different settings and concepts. Each ad means something because the advertiser wants it to mean something. The advertiser often wants the ad to depict what a man or woman should wear, look like, and even behave like. After scouring the ad for a suitable advertisement, I finally found one that suited the topic I was going to be pursuing in this writing.

    • Word count: 1255
  14. Tribe Perfume Advertising Commentary. The use of characters in an advertisement is usually vital for a good understanding. In this one three models of early twenties had been chosen to play a role of three best friends on a convertible going nowhere.

    The fact that they are smiling and seem like laughing make us realizes the good energy the three have, also the use of powerful color clothes and a very casual style helps the energy go through the paper. Another non verbal code use is the fact of having two of the three characters looking out of the frame of the shot which are steering at some bubbles which give a sense of freedom and youth by discovering all new sort of stuff.

    • Word count: 1234
  15. Free essay

    Dior is a well known luxurious perfume, clothing and make up brand, whos advertising and marketing tactics have been successful for years. I will be focussing on the Jadore perfume advert in this essay.

    This glossy "polished", "expensive" feel to the image, which makes the audience feel like they could feel that way. Gold is associated with royalty and heaven, which is then emphasized by the name J'adore. The perfume name and brand is French, which gives a unique appeal to the audience, as it makes them feel more special by owning a "special" perfume, which would then also give them the feeling their unique now. The model herself always has a strong facial expression, her mouth is often slightly open and her eyes are directly focussing on the audience.

    • Word count: 972
  16. Comparing and analyzing the two James Bond posters

    Back when the old bond film came out people generally did wear smarter clothes where as now the every day fashion in more casual. Bond girl obviously play a very important part in the actually James bond films and do stay sexy and seductive in the adverts but in two different ways in the with love from Russia advert they are more revealing and look like there doing something actually for bond, but in the 2007 advert the woman is basically covered up totally but reveling her arms and head, but she wearing a long black dress which could be seen and seductively smart and formal.

    • Word count: 844
  17. Branding on Durex

    The aim of branding is to produce an expressive and special existence in the market that pulls and grasp loyal customers. According to researchers, the use of condoms can be traced back to a few thousand years where ancient Egyptians wore linen sheathes in 1000B.C. Condoms were then made out of animal membrane around 1900 by Bell and Croyden (Science museum London) and eventually condoms were then made out of latex. The context of this report will be the marketing history, brand equity, brand value, brand identity, advertising, packaging, price and brand awareness of Durex condoms.

    • Word count: 1970
  18. Analysing TV Advertising - The Guinness surfers advertisement and the Levis Odyssey Advertisement, directed by Stephen Butler.

    It makes the consumers believe that if you buy a pint of Guinness, you too can conquer your dreams and aspirations. The advertisement tells a short story about four male surfers who wait perpetually for the perfect wave. When this wave comes, they run at it and put every ounce of strength into trying to conquer it. In the end, only one man does, and the advertisement ends showing him and his friends celebrating in a state of ecstasy. Guinness's slogan then appears on the screen above a pint of Guinness - "Good things come to those who..."

    • Word count: 2665
  19. Media Studies - Describe an advertising campaign that has caught your attention and explain why

    All of the advertisements from the campaign have caught the attention of the public and the media, especially because the increase of pressure on young women to look like the "perfect" celebrities and supermodel that the media praise and idolise is an incredibly important issue in the Western world at the moment. Before Dove released the "Campaign for Real Beauty" campaign, there was little or no support in the encouragement of celebrating womanly figures. The campaign became a huge hit with women across the world, as they now had inspiration to embrace themselves instead of striving to be the impossibly thin supermodels that were depicted across the media daily.

    • Word count: 1178
  20. travelling advertisment

    The trip starts on 25th July and it ends on 16th August. We're going to travel by plane to Prague, where we'll take a stop-flight; from there we'll continue our way to Dublin, a six-hour journey. From Dublin we'll have a non-stop flight to Mexico City, flying above the ocean. This trip takes about 16 hours. We'll have an hour for sight-seeing in Prague between the plane journeys. The famous pop band RBD that is composed by the six young charismatic vocalists that power RBD - Anah´┐Ż, Dulce Maria, Maite, Christopher, Christian and Alfonso(who goes by the nickname "Poncho"), will concert in Acapulco We'll stay our entire journey at "Camino Real" hotel.

    • Word count: 517
  21. Do we control the media or does the media control us?

    This puts the media in control, they can present their information with any political slant or opinion they wish because they know we will either not be able to or will be too lazy to find out the factual information for ourselves, especially with international news. Here are two examples of successful hoaxes the BBC have presented the public with: 'The spaghetti tree' April Fools in 1957, broadcasted by the channels highly respected current affairs programme, 'Panorama'. This worked so well because of the public's limited knowledge on origins of foods and foreign cultures and also the fact that a reputable channel and programme broadcasted the information.

    • Word count: 1708
  22. Free essay

    Case Study - Dream Works Animation SKG.

    The name of the production Dream Works fits in the location by the idea of dreaming and fantasy. The ident was possibly made by "After Effect" or animation software because in the entire ident there is no real life footage, only computer animated design. The ident logo takes about twenty two seconds all together. Target Audience The target audience is aimed towards all ages but their main audience would be towards children and young teens. How the ident represent itself with the whole fantasy theme would attract a younger audience and the boy fishing represents what kids use to do back in the old day.

    • Word count: 1099
  23. Analysis of "Iron Man" trailer

    Stark begins his downfall with a series of explosions, gunplay and a quick glimpse at the half-burned scalp of the mastermind behind his capture tying in with Todorovs theory of equilibrium." Tony Stark," we hear a man's voice saying through a thick accent. "Now you work for me." Tied to a chair and surrounded by gun-toting henchmen, the image is provocative and germane to the classic origin story, much like Bryan Singer's "X-Men" depiction of young Magneto at Auschwitz. An additional shot of Stark's captor who is portrayed as what could be perceived as either a cool character or generic terrorist.

    • Word count: 1179

Conclusion analysis

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  • Compare the ways in which two Charity Appeals, one from a newspaper and one from TV, persuade readers/viewers to support them.

    "The CFF appeal is also very persuasive, but it is mainly the text which is persuasive. Without having read the text I would not have felt inclined to pledge money or to sponsor a child. I do not think it is very eye-catching either, and if I had seen this appeal in a magazine or newspaper I do not feel that I would have looked at it closely. I think the light-coloured page makes it look like a light-hearted issue. If it had been darker, I think I would have found it more shocking upon looking at it for a first time, and may have read further. Although I feel that the idea of using Amie as an example is a good idea, the way it is told makes it sound like a story, and in my opinion it does not sound true. With the Oxfam appeal, they used an actual villager (played by an actor) but I feel that this made it more realistic, because it was being told by an 'actual' person who had experience first-hand the suffering that goes on. For this reason, I find the Oxfam appeal to be more effective."

  • Discuss the idea that persuasion is a process of manipulation, exploitation and misinformation; thus its use in public relations can never be justified.

    "In conclusion, persuasion is a fundamental part of society; it is impossible to remove it. Misinformation and exploitation can sometimes, but not always, form a part of the persuasive process. Manipulation is a slightly more ambiguous word and seems to exist in all types of persuasion to varying extents. Whether public relations activities are seen as a part persuasion or propaganda, both can essentially be manipulative or exploitative. PR activities could be justified if the actions are ethical and reasoned. Where children or others susceptible to persuasion are involved, one must rely on the value system of the PR practitioner, company or persuader to do the 'right thing'."

  • Lucozade has successfully repositioned itself in the market. Describe and analyse the marketing strategy used by the business to increase profit

    "In conclusion not all repositioning of a brand or even rebranding is successful, what made lucozade a success was its ability to once they had found out who their target audience was they could then seek to find out what those customers want and then through new product development produced and delivered those requirements more effectively than their competitors. Adam Amari"

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