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AS and A Level: Music

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  1. music production work

    We forgot about a band since there maybe the problem of reliability so we thought it best to stick with just a singer playing the guitar. We thought about having the singer in a narrative where the male character is someone from her record company but thought this may become too confusing and followed too much narrative. As Michelle Branch is an unknown artist to my group, I decided to look at her web site for information on the genre of her music and record company so we could portray her image as accurately as possible.

    • Word count: 3197
  2. Free essay

    Compare how Fiona Farrell and Maya Angelou Explore the Issue of Oppression in 'Charlotte O'Neil's song' and 'Still I Rise'

    Both poems stand for optimism. Maya Angelou writes from a past that's 'rooted in pain'. The word 'rooted' shows that it is hard to erase the past issues of oppression and that, as roots dig deep, a strong history of racial discrimination has also dug deep. Angelou write to inspire others to free themselves. She shows that she is the 'dream and hope of the slave', and is a role model for others and that slaves are people too. I think Farrell's purpose was to inform others that there is a possibility of a better life, and that they should get away from an oppressive lifestyle.

    • Word count: 1531
  3. George Gershwin Biography

    At the very young age of eleven Morris and Rose bought a piano for George's brother Ira. To their surprise George was the child that could play by ear. 1 On the piano he played a piece that was quite popular. At the age of thirteen, George's parents began to pay for piano lessons. When George became fifteen he felt that school was unnecessary for him. His first job was at a summer resort making only five dollars a week. He dropped out of school and started to play in nightclubs. Even at the young age of fifteen George was a very talented pianist.

    • Word count: 1443
  4. Flautists Battle To Help Tiny Silent Losses

    Over a hundred and fifty musicians came forward ranging from beginners to professionals, young to old. Tiana said she was surprised at the amount of support that had been gained, as she was not sure if she would be successful. The Miscarriage Association is a charity set up to help raise miscarriage awareness. The charity supports grieving woman, be it soon after their miscarriage or a while after by providing information, support groups and helplines. It also offers a service in which mothers can be put in touch with other women who have experienced a loss.

    • Word count: 922
  5. Metallica - Compare 2 videos

    The narrative suits the sludgy music and James Hetfield's twisted lullaby lyrics. The lyrics are malicious and the song even includes a small prayer from the child. While the child is praying, the 'Sandman' is watching the child. In the first scene, a child is seen sleeping on his bed in his bedroom. Using lightning effects, the 'Sandman', fades in gradually into a close up shot. The lighting gets dimmer as the song progresses. The video keep changing shots from the band playing the song, to the kid having a nightmare.

    • Word count: 813
  6. Analysis of the opening sequence of To Kill a Mockingbird

    The piano solo loses us in a child's world, as the music has an element of innocence and simplicity. The camera then pans to an overhead shot of a worn box. The simplistic, childlike music is then accompanied by the child's effort to make music of which is very basic. The audience is unaware of the gender of the child. However the child's tone gives the audience the impression that it is a little girl, therefore it may be scout. A young pair of hands appears to open the box revealing a collection of valued treasures, including crayons (new and used), a mechanical pencil, two carved soap doll figurines - one male and one female, an old broken pocket watch, a skeleton key, a broken pocket knife, a medal, a few marbles, jacks, chalk and other minor objects.

    • Word count: 812
  7. What were the main features of youth culture in the 1960s?

    In the 1970s The Beatles had split up so the focus of music had moved back to the USA. The BBC gave only limited time to pop music so many private radio stations devoted to pop music began broadcasting. Radio 1 set up so that they could reflect the importance of pop music. In the1960s TV programmes such as "Ready Steady Go" and "Six, five special" were seen as programmes for the young audience. Young people in the 1960s tried to dress and look different from their parents as much as possible. London became the fashion capital of the world.

    • Word count: 1316
  8. School of rock review

    Living in his best friend Ned's spare room with the constant furious temper of Ned's fianc´┐Ż, Patti, Dewey is desperate to find a way to put a new band together better than any other, in order to fulfil Dewey's dream of winning Battle of the Bands.

    • Word count: 376
  9. Why did Elvis Presley have such an impact upon US society in 1956 and 1957?

    For very special evenings he may have worn a suit, but still tried his best too make it rebellious. He would have his top button undone, which in the time was very s****l. Any other time except a posh night he would wear very strange clothing. He would usually wear the collar on his shirt up and have more than his top button undone. The other performers of the time usually just wore suits and dresses, never anything different. Many of his clothes were black or pink-which was a very feminine colour in 1950's America. On stage he was also quite a rebel.

    • Word count: 973
  10. Elvis Coursework

    Many designed trendy new cars were out and people had money to afford it so cars were very popular. Another popular thing was television which created the biggest consumer market ever. Advertising grew which attracted people to buy products from the marketing companies. Advertisements were growing, people were attracted by what they had to say and they were encouraged to buy the products they were advertising. Television also helped advertisers a lot with selling many products to the viewers of America.

    • Word count: 1944
  11. Radar music journalism.

    Tyro haven't been together for even a year yet, and already they have A&R monkeys all over the country flocking to their modest Liverpool gigs and hide-outs. Scoring their first gig only 3 months ago at a friends birthday party, the Liverpool lads have come a long way since meeting earlier this year. 'I've been waiting for this', declares Joey about the thunderbolt of attention that's came upon these scousers. 'I mean, I always knew I was going to become famous in the music industry with or without a band'.

    • Word count: 856
  12. OCR National ICT - Unit 1 - Task 2 - Internet Searches

    It excites me to see that at last the new wave of rock bands are coming into the industry, at last perhaps a little competition for the endless tedium brought from the bland uninspired songs brought to us by such characters as Peter Andre and busted...Anyway back to the album...it grew on me steadily each time I listened to it, catchy beats and tunes, with sometimes surreal lyrics...For me this is the best album this year and I enjoyed and am enjoying it immensely!

    • Word count: 2298
  13. Rates of Reaction

    Kiss radio station is known to be one of the biggest and the most popular, because Johnny normally does the top 40 UK Charts on Sunday at 4-7 pm. He is not too funny, but he is quick on presenting the songs and he has to do this because it's the Top 40! Example Schedule of DJs and shows: Monday: 00.00 - 01.00: David Rodigan is putting on the Reggae Show. 01.00 - 03.00: Patrick Forge 03.00 - 06.00: Neev 06.00 - 09.00: Robin Banks 09.00 - 11.00: Justin Wilkes 11.00 - 12.00: Justin Wilkes starting on the Kisstory Show.

    • Word count: 2626
  14. Music Song Analysis

    The song is about comparing a couple to cats and there every day fights, being in love etc. Some have deeper thoughts of the song being about suicide which reflect the lines such as 'into the sea you and me' but the melody doesn't connect with this opinion and supports the song being about a happier topic. The vocals stick to a similar pitch throughout the song with some words at a higher pitch than the others, stressing them more, such as "we fight and scratch and scream all night" and "into the sea you and me."

    • Word count: 2635
  15. The topic of this research essay is Music CD piracy. Piracy is generally used to describe the deliberate infringement of copyright

    Based on opposing views, there are many consumers complaining that original CD is too expensive. Therefore, current laws on CD piracy should not be strictly reinforced. Conversely, reinforcement should be done as CD piracy is against copyright. Besides, the overflowing of pirated CD will decrease the sales of original CD and it may cause shrivelling of music industry. Furthermore, because of CD piracy, artists may not get maximum rewards and government will lose a million of tax revenue. 2.0 Introduction Due to the low-price and convenience of purchasing pirated CD, CD piracy has a current social problem.

    • Word count: 3099
  16. The subject of this dissertation is how feminist beliefs have been expressed in alternative music and the resulting effects on identity and future musical styles

    The second section is my review of the various literature about the alternative scene. I explain the origins of feminism in alternative music, starting with punk in the mid 1970s and following its progress up to the present day. The third section is based upon a series of interviews which I conducted with a range of female members of the alternative scene. This is intended to show how alternative stands today in relation to feminine issues, how it has affected the identity of the consumer and how it compares to other musical styles.

    • Word count: 13720
  17. music publication through what was relevant in society.

    - NME responded to the change in Society that the US had now created a music chart, so NME they decided to introduce the first British Pop charts. It appealed to the audience and created success as it was the best selling singles chart in the UK and in a sense influenced the audience in what to listen to and what was part of the music scene. 1960's What was Society like? London spent much of its time swinging and dancing as much of the music scene.

    • Word count: 1420
  18. Jaws, a film review.

    However the Mayor of Amity Island is having none of it because the 4th of July is when they make most money, so whilst they have the beaches open they also have people patrolling the sea. I think that the many techniques Spielberg uses to build suspense and scare the audience is good because it's keeping people tense and on the edge of their seats. In my opinion he is hugely successful and I am going to show this in my essay.

    • Word count: 787
  19. Critical Evaluation

    This song has never had a video created for it and therefore our audience would not have any prior expectations of what the video should look like and include. The only major issue we had with creating a pop video for this song is that we could not conform to all conventions of a music video; in this case we could not include the band Feeder, as we do not have access to them. We looked at various indie videos before we began to storyboard.

    • Word count: 2423
  20. Free essay

    Textual Analysis

    Our initial ideas for our music video is that a story is being told about someone who has just broken up with their girlfriend and flash backs as shown throughout about what their life use to be like. At the start of Lily Allen's 'The Littlest Things' it begins in colour, the camera begins at a birds eye view looking down at a piano being played by itself quietly with diegetic sounds also heard, e.g. people talking and loud footsteps as the camera begins to move down smoothly towards an old fashioned video camera and looks through the view finder and the whole video now becomes black and white and Lily begins to sing.

    • Word count: 1577
  21. To What Extent Do Music Videos Give an Accurate Representation of Young Women of Today?

    The young woman of today is liberated, independent, dynamic, confident and above all, she is goal seeking. A career driven woman is motivated and wants to be successful, while a feminist strives for equality to men. Each woman has individuality, she exposes to the world her unique style influenced by her friends, environment and culture. In the world of music videos, only one type of woman is shown: a black or mixed race woman heavily made up with foundation, mascara and lip gloss. She wears clothes of extravagant designs, accentuating her voluptuous figure, which is untrue to everyday life.

    • Word count: 1695
  22. A comparison of three songs of Brecht's "Mother Courage and her Children" with the parados and 3rd stasimon of Sophocles' "Antigone"

    The third stanza of 12 lines relates the birth of recognition and understanding in Yvette as it dawns upon her that war brings nothing but melancholy and disaster in its wake. She describes how men condescended with her notions of love and how love was twisted to r**e towards December. The month December is an allegory for the departure of the soldiers as well as the loss of innocence. There is grief and a sense of terrible loss etched in those two words: "December came."

    • Word count: 1261
  23. Why did groups like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones have such an impact during the sixties?

    In fact before the Beatles there were very few pop groups. The Beatles were a British rock/pop band from Liverpool. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Star and George Harrison started as the Silver Beatles, but soon became the Beatles in 1960 with their first performance at the Indra Club in Hamburg. Most parents liked the Beatles because of their clean cut, individual, innocent looks and romantic love songs; this made teenagers like the Stones more because no one liked to like the same music as their parents. Their 'mop-top' hair styles and their smart clothes, just lead to more of the older generation liking them, and less of the younger ages.

    • Word count: 738
  24. 'The Soundtrack to my life'

    As I hear this song and as soon as it starts with the opening lyrics, 'You come in cold, you're covered in blood'. I am always taking back to the summer of 2005 as this song played a huge part in my life that summer. Good Charlotte's Album 'The Chronicles of Life and Death' came out in October 2004, but I didn't get it to the time just before I went away, so this album really was a part of my holiday.

    • Word count: 1506
  25. mozart effect

    Various other studies suggested otherwise, for example, Kirkpatrick (1943) found that music hinders performance on tasks demanding mental concentration while McGhee and Gardner(1949) suggested that music actually had no effect on tasks involving mental concentration. In some way or the other music is seen to affect human behaviour. Exposure to music is an established mood-induction technique, and musical selections by Mozart have been used to induce a mood of elation(Kenealy,1997; Westerman, Spies, Stahl, & Hesse,1996). Even though the Mozart effect has been debated in the past, it is a theory which today is accepted by the majority.

    • Word count: 1790

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