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AS and A Level: Music

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  1. Music videos

    People help move the objects from the window, helping the injured motorist, where this is thought to be the shop getting robbed. We would expect to find music videos on TV, where certain channels show music videos, being named music channels. An example of a popular music channel being The hits. It is very important for record companies to produce videos for their songs as many people are influenced by songs which have good videos, with decent tunes.

    • Word count: 602
  2. Annalising an advert

    The Song plays throughout the whole commercial without any voice-overs. The song produces energy a qualities important to the sequence through their teenaged years. When the commercial starts the image is a pink male Silhouetted body holding an Ipod stood in the centre of the screen; behind him is a blue background with thin pink and green lines passing behind his body, he is shaking his body to the beat of the music and clapping, his Ipod against his waist.

    • Word count: 1512
  3. How helpful the concept of counter-culture is in understanding the changes that took place in the Sixties, with reference to History, History of Science and Music.

    The prevailing attitude towards black people in particular was one of inferiority to a mostly white society. This is particularly true of the American south where black people were segregated from white people and suffered violent abuse when they protested on their unequal status. This violent reaction of authorities to the civil rights movement faced in southern America, shows that in society the movement was in direct opposition to the prevailing attitude. The feelings of injustice are clearly shown by a published letter written by Martin Luther King, when he was imprisoned in nineteen sixty-three after leading a non-violent protest in Birmingham Alabama.

    • Word count: 2201
  4. CD Cover Conventions - Beg for Mercy

    The actual artists, are wearing a rather large amount of jewellery, which is also rather expensive, this is to show the person buying that they have lived the "gangster" lifestyle. The interesting part around the jewellery, is that, they are also wearing the most used Christianity sign in the world, Jesus' cross. This shows us that the artists are Christian and have some belief in the religion. The clothes they are wearing have all been fully customised, the centred artist particularly is showing his own clothing line, before actually hitting the shelves.

    • Word count: 635
  5. media studies music video report

    This took a few lessons last year and we put together a quick music video in a couple of lessons, just so we could get use to 'final cut'. We also went over it again this year. We were also shown many examples of famous music videos and music videos that would be a good example and even a good inspiration for us to follow. Some of the videos included; Geri Halliwell- 'Its raining men', Meatloaf- 'I would do anything for love' and The Cardigans- 'my favourite game'.

    • Word count: 1140
  6. We had to listen to the sound track "She's leaving home" and we had make notes of what is the song about and then make a role-play about it.

    Parents were sleeping 3. Girl and dad (me & Roxi) out of the scene, mum (Jazzmin) very upset reading the note that her daughter left. Group 3 role-play: sara,roxi,jazzmin * We used well the space around * Good use of language * We could improve it by using stronger facial expressions Also we were given the lyrics of the song "she's leaving home" and we had to choose 3 lines. And we had to make up 3 scenes using mime and using the 3 lines I chose use them, one before the song, one during the song and one after she left home.

    • Word count: 923
  7. About a Boy film review

    She has to bring her best friend's son called Marcus Brewer (Nicholas Hoult). When they get back to Marcus's house they find Marcus's mother; Fiona (Toni Collete), unconscious on a sofa after a suicide attempt. Fiona recovers and Marcus realises two people is not enough. Marcus calls up Will and arranges them to go to dinner. Marcus starts to follow Will and finds out his doesn't have a child. Marcus starts coming to Wills; watching television and they become friends. Marcus and Fiona spend Christmas and New Year's with Will. At the SPAT group Will meets another woman called Rachel.

    • Word count: 666
  8. The 1960's

    The Beatles were performing on 'Juke Box Jury'. Juke Box Jury was Probably the most enduring of all pop panel shows and hosted by David Jacobs with his famous bell and hooter for 'Hit' and 'Miss'. From this quotation we can see that there was usually a crowd of people at the tube station, but today there was no-one and Joanna Lumley was surprised. I dare say that London must have been quieter seeing as the Beatles were on television, but considering that Joanna was only a young woman aged around 18, she maybe exaggerating just a little.

    • Word count: 599
  9. 1960's course work the Beatles

    Source C is a description of a Beatles concert by Paul Macartney in 1984, he talks of there being a lot of screaming- therefore implying more screaming than in 1984, when people must have been more held back and more reserved than the 60's when at concerts seeing the live bands fans went crazy for seeing their star. This point was supported by source B, a description of a concert at which the stones were playing. However the audience is described a 'maniacal, screaming mob'.

    • Word count: 3364
  10. From whatever perspective you choose, discuss the influence of music technology and its effect upon contemporary musical composition.'

    Although, this being said, they do not completely ignore the previous rules that have been set up, it is better said that they bend the rules of musical composition. Speaking of the Electronic side of music technology, i.e. advancements in studio technology. The work of a producer and artists has been drastically made less time consuming and easier to manage. Tasks such as mastering and composition can all be done digitally, which makes them a lot quicker and more efficient thus saving time and money.

    • Word count: 1272
  11. My use of ICT - iPod (personal)

    My brother uses the iPOD for the same reasons although he likes to play the games on it more than me. I like listening to music, I often listen to it while on my paper round every morning. I have found it invaluable on long journeys, with me and my brother stuck in a car together for many hours. For the occasion when both me and my brother want to listen to at the same time we bought a splitter and an extra pair of headphones.

    • Word count: 950
  12. "Why did the groups like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones have such a great impact during the 1960's"

    Epstein made the Beatles wear suits with non-lapels (the Beatles jacket) and cut their hair into pudding basin style (the Beatles hair cut). The Beatles unlike many bands at the time, wrote and performed their own music, this meant that they were able to create a unique style, which was a mixture of rock and roll, rhythm and blues and Tamala Motown; it was this that made them different from other bands. More than anybody else the Beatles came to represent the Sixties. The point being made that the Beatles did write music with real lyrics that inspired teenagers around the world.

    • Word count: 848
  13. The Fairground

    Everyone crushed the fine emerald blades as they moved along the grass. Mild screams echoed from round the corner, there were miraculous rides. Hearing the increasingly powerful screams, you could tell the public were thunderstruck. By 2 o'clock the sun started to sway around the fairground as if it were a swing of light. There was a good atmosphere and as the people queued for rides, it made them over excited and there were noises of cheering, shouting and clapping! When people where whirling around on the merry-go-around their heads span round like spinning tops and when they came off they needed to rest!

    • Word count: 584
  14. A critical analysis of the role of popular culture in creating and maintaining learning across British society.

    Many theories arose about the church and how it was corrupt. A man called John Leicester believed the Church to be corrupt and began his own church. The Methodist church, derived from the Czech Maravian Church. Methodist churches have no icons, statues, or grand features such as stained glass. Many working class people became Methodist due to the supposed corruption of the Church of England and its discrimination against the poor. This caused worry among the upper classes that the working classes could rise up against them. At this time, Irish Catholics were brought over from island to dig the canals.

    • Word count: 3362
  15. CD cover design - pre-production

    I feel that the ideas we came up with were constructive and useful to base future band decisions on. There were some small disagreements and disputes within the group when agreeing on the genre. From then on my idea was put into action. Stage two We further developed our ideas as a band. We looked at lyrics of which Annie had written/adapted to fit in with the lyrical conventions of our genre and decided upon the ones we thought were the most suitable. We planned to take pictures of ourselves for the cover to make it more personal and appealing and expanded our plans by thinking up possible locations, positions and clothing to use when taking the pictures.

    • Word count: 2620
  16. Woodstock Music and Art Festival. Who started such a party? Why was it started? Did the promoters believe it would turn out quite like it did? What was the real Woodstock experience actually like?

    While looking for new ideas to help the show, they essentially became the characters of it. Artie Kornfield was the vice president of Capital Records and had written at least thirty hit singles. Michael Lang was the youngest in the group, at age twenty-three, and was the manager of a rock group called Train. In December of 1968 he met with Kornfield to discuss a record deal. They hit it off immediately and ended up sharing some similar ideas. One for a cultural exposition/rock concert/extravaganza and another for a recording studio set one hundred miles from Manhattan in a town called Woodstock.

    • Word count: 1820
  17. analyse of title credit sequence of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

    This makes the audience attracted and wants to see how he became a "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air". Fresh Prince got into trouble because of fighting so his mum sends him to California to live with his Auntie and uncle in Bel-Air. Story format The "title credit sequence" is told in a story format. It is set in Philadelphia. Fresh Prince is spinning on the throne and in the background there is graffiti and teenagers like graffiti also teenagers are confused are confused because his life will change and he will be treated like royalty. Fresh Prince is doing graffiti on the wall and a police comes and tells him off so then Fresh Prince pretends he is spraying under his arm-pits.

    • Word count: 1818
  18. GCSE media studies: coursework assignment

    One of the early pop videos was bohemian rhapsody by queen, being just them on stage with some digitally added features also. But now as the genre has evolved, so has the video aspect, with special effects, famous movie directors and time and money being used. Thriller by Michael Jackson has a short movie which cost �700000 to make, but sold 50000000 copies. 205 words Analyse the appeal of a specific pop/rock video as a marketing tool for the record company, you might like to explore: who owns the record company the artists' record is released on; how the video

    • Word count: 992
  19. The Who

    Starting as an offshoot of the British Invasion, the Who evolved to become one of the most powerful and one of the greatest rock n' roll bands of all time. Though by definition they weren't a super-group (the members were not already established as premier musicians before The Who took off), they arguably had the talent to be one. Destroying equipment, blowing up bass drums, Townshend's windmill, Daltrey's tough guy attitude and rock vocal power, and Entwistle's "eye of the hurricane" approach to the stage show and lead bass-playing are all defining parts of The Who that make them a legend in their time and into today.

    • Word count: 4001
  20. Are there harms in sharing music online? Yes, there are harms in online music sharing, if you do not abide by the copyright laws set by the Federal Trade Commission, it is considered copyright infringement.

    People who are sharing music online do not have the money to buy CDs anyway. They are just trying to get the most for music they can, for free. If these people did not share online, they would not go and buy the CD anyway, they do not have the money. All of this has happened before. Executives complained when radio came out, they thought this would hurt record sales. In fact, it boosted them. Execs were afraid TV would stop the sale of movies, but look at the movie industry now. So how are they really loosing sales?

    • Word count: 1438
  21. English coursework: Modern music society

    Rap and hip-hop music is the most widely listened to and popular styles of music today. Because of the many people that listen to it gets stereotyped, often by the fans of other styles of music and parents, who don't agree with the violent image it portrays. While some of these stereotypes may be true many of them get blown out of proportion, many people believe that rap is mostly for black people and the people that listen to/perform it are either drug dealers, criminals or in general bad people. This is very far from the truth, many of the people that buy it are from middle class white families living in the suburbs, which are far from the "mean streets" where this music was started.

    • Word count: 1272
  22. Why did groups like the Rolling Stones and the Beatles have such a great impact in the 1960s? 21/05/06

    By 1962 they had their first number 1 hit with 'love me do'. This was the first footstep in the many more successes to come. Songs like 'Lucy in the sky with diamonds' attracted a lot of attention due to its drug taking connections. But while this caused a stir with the adults of the time, it caused a huge amount of popularity with teens, who thought it was free-spirited and breaking from traditional standards. One of the more blatantly drug related lyrics of this song was 'where rocking horse people eat marshmallow pies'.

    • Word count: 1218
  23. What is popular music

    Popular music showed that it wasn't all about the music but had huge marketing role on the industry. This was clearly shown by the Spice Girls huge marketing campaign. Since the start of pop music it was seen that the music has often been influenced by the social and political issues that were raised at the time. Even religion influenced various artists such as Cliff Richard. In the late 1960's was the introduction of Glamrock. This genre was heavily influenced by legislation of homosexuality.

    • Word count: 648
  24. The water was falling so fast that you would have thought that it was going to battle.

    A huge wall of rock surrounded the deep pool into which the waterfall plunged. It was there to protect what lay beneath, to stop intruders, and to conceal its secrets. Every now and then when I adjusted my weight a rock would crumble off the cliff side, like a soldier dying. After the initial impact I waited. A few seconds later the rock would at last plunge to its death in the deep pool waiting for it below. From the sound of the crack it felt like someone was following me, trying to scare me away and stop me from finding the secret.

    • Word count: 733
  25. Music in context Bob Dylan (born Robert Allen Zimmerman on May 24, 1941) is an American singer-songwriter

    Dylan�s influences stretched out from Jazz to swing, through to folk and country and blues. Elvis Aaron Presley (January 8, 1935 � August 16, 1977), also known as "The King of Rock 'n' Roll" was an American singer, music producer and actor, a giant in the modern entertainment industry. During an active recording career that spanned more than two decades, Presley broke and set many records for concert attendance, television ratings and record sales. It has been estimated that Elvis has sold over a Billion Records to date, more than anyone else in the music industry.

    • Word count: 1835

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