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AS and A Level: Music

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  1. CD Cover Analysis

    The man on the left of the picture looks like he is walking with his hands in his pocket, he also looks upset, and he is dressed identically to the man in the middle of the picture. The last man is standing at a bit of an angle with one eye open and one eye closed he is also dressed the same as the other two men. In the sky of the CD cover there is an alien saucer hovering over there heads that is shining a beam of light down on the three men, the men are in an alleyway that is quite dark so the are the brightest things in the picture.

    • Word count: 854
  2. The group however took more specific ideas from "Dustbowl Days" and used 'Life' as a topic for the song, the lyrics were then written around this. As far as music is concerned

    The other stimulus was 'Dustbowl Days' by Nicole S.Porter and this again provided vague ideas for lyrics. The group however took more specific ideas from "Dustbowl Days" and used 'Life' as a topic for the song, the lyrics were then written around this. As far as music is concerned the group decided that the lyrics could not be written out until chords and melody were fitted into place. As I was the most experienced with music in the group it was my job to find chords that created a sad yet effective pattern for a deep and meaningful song.

    • Word count: 1025
  3. The idea of Live Aid arose when Bob Geldof, the lead singer from the group The Boom Town Rats, saw a harrowing documentary on the BBC news showing the plight of some 30 million people in Ethiopia

    Originally Geldof hoped to raise �72,000 for charities from sales of the single, but that estimate was exceeded almost immediately the record went on sale; it went on to sell over three million copies in the UK, becoming the best-selling record ever, and to raise over �8 million worldwide. Following the success of Band aid, Bob Geldof himself travelled to Ethiopia to oversee the distribution of the supplies from the money raised. Whilst there he realised that if the Band Aid organisation were to own their own fleet of trucks for transportation of the supplies then they would be able to act more effectively and have a more direct impact on the famine-hit areas.

    • Word count: 804
  4. Festival Experiences It was the weekend my mother and father had been preparing for all month.

    He is a painter, and artist, whose tranquil landscapes hang in galleries throughout England. A queue to him means not been able to get where you want to be. The sunroof of our transit is open. He climbed on his seat and stuck his head out of the sunroof to see what was happening ahead. He appeared to be quite agitated, swearing under his breath. 30 minutes has passed; my mother suggested that we should get out the picnic things and a can of beer, but this just seemed to agitate my father more. In the cars ahead people are laughing and enjoying the sunshine. "Just relax and appreciate the beauty of the countryside.

    • Word count: 1554
  5. The impacts of Elvis Presley

    The outrage meant that it must be cool to like him so his popularity grew. He also had a long term impact in that it wasn't just the music. You could get toys and films, records and books. All of this added to the impact of him on U.S society. The next thing to consider is whether it was down to his music. Whatever anyone says it was clear that he had amazing talent; this doesn't mean that everyone liked him but everyone acknowledged that it had its place. He was deemed "A white man that can sing like a black man", he was something different and in this time there was no one else like him.

    • Word count: 838
  6. Erosion, Weathering, and Mass Movement

    Weathering is a form of erosion involving elements of the weather, e.g.

    • Word count: 110
  7. Describe popular culture in Britain at the beginning of the 1960's

    These songs were mostly sentimental lyrics that parents could not disapprove of. Examples of films during the sixties were like Benhur and Cleopatra, which are epics and based on history and classical stories most of the cinema was dominated by American films. A successful British film during the early 1960s is the bridge over River Kwai. TV in the sixties had changed from being largely educational and controlled by John Reith to being a bit more entertaining but it was still controlled by the older generation, programs such as Coronation Street and Z Cars made their first appearances.

    • Word count: 2130
  8. An essay on the opening sequence of the film Deep Blue Sea, I will be analyzing the way the director creates atmosphere and suspense. The film is about killer sharks and is in the same genre as Jaws.

    The director has filmed this scene at night and used a long line of moonlight, this is because darkness is associated with fear and I think if this scene was filmed in the day it would be a lot less atmospheric. The first shot starts of with a long distance aerial shot straight down at the sea, at this point the sea looks almost black and menacing, the camera slowly zooms in until a large sailing boat is visible, there is very similar music to the jaws film with a repetitive sequence played repeatedly, this gives a feeling of uneasiness.

    • Word count: 787
  9. Chicken Run media essay

    I personally believe that the opening sequence is the most effective scene of the film; it quickly puts us into the main plot of the film in a humorous way. Also on a 'first glimpse' of some of the characters we are immediately given the impression of the presence of good (Ginger) and evil (Mrs. Tweedy). Before we even see any picture on the screen heroic introductory music gives us a sense of heroism. This gives a valiant quality to the film and makes the audience feel good, too!

    • Word count: 2690
  10. In expressive arts we are studing the topics the 60's. We listened to the song "7 O'clock News/Silent Night" Simon and Garfunkel.

    The song begins with the group singing the Christmas carol silent night accompanied by a simple piano melody. They sound soft and gentle as they are singing in a major key and harmony with each other. This creates a positive, calm and peaceful atmosphere for the audience. Gradually a sound appears in the background of the song. It is a man reading the news but it's very quiet and drowned out by the silent night melody. His voice is in monotone and has no emotion in it. This shows the audience that what he is trying to communicate, that it is not a positive and happy subject but a serious and cold one.

    • Word count: 898
  11. Media Coursework essay: Jaws

    But then the music increases in volume and speed, this gives the image that the creature is approaching more quickly and builds up suspense and raises questions about the identity of the creature and what its intentions are. At the start of the film a group of teenagers are having a party on the beach. There is a calm atmosphere aided by the radio playing in the background which lulls you into a falls sense of security. When the shark does eventually attack we expect it less which makes it scarier.

    • Word count: 1324
  12. Review of Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho

    As he states, "My mother, My Mother, uh, What is the phrase? She isn't quite herself today" This shows play on words, which is called a pun. It also shows how edgy Norman is about his mother. He then takes Marion to a room, which is Cabin 1. He shows Marion a tour of the room and surprisingly cannot utter the words "bathroom." Marion then retires for the night and is reported missing after a week. During that week, a Private Investigator, called Milton Arbogast, goes to the Bates Motel in search of Marion Crane.

    • Word count: 1493
  13. A day in the life of...

    The next task is making my lunch for the day. By Friday the delightful taste of dry sandwiches gets a bit tedious and I feel like I'd rather eat wood shavings than face another bite of those sandwiches. This may be a good time to mention that I'm vegetarian and have been for over two years now. I'm not quite sure why and sometimes I wonder what my point is. At first my motive was the harsh ways these slaughterers treat the animals before killing them.

    • Word count: 1237
  14. What advantages do new media technologies have to offer audiences?

    Many industries are finding that the market is slowly being saturated and is in need of a few new ideas to fill it back up with. This is why new technologies have been made and released so quickly. It gives the audience the chance to take their favourite past times around with them e.g. TV, film and music. Portability also opens up many other doors for certain media industries. Again iPod is a good example of this. They decided to expand on the idea of everything being portable and instead of creating two separate new technologies they brought a visual aspect to their original iPods to make the 'iPod photo'.

    • Word count: 848
  15. Youth Culture and the New Left of the 1960s

    In such works as Allen Ginsberg's Howl (1956) and Jack Kerouac's On the Road (1957), the Beats despised the competition and materialism of the fifties corporate world and derided the and derided at the "square" America. Kerouac described it as "rows of well-to-do houses with lawns and television sets in each living room with everybody looking at the same thing and thinking the same thing at the same time." They also glorified uninhibited sexuality, spontaneity, and spirituality and decried the nuclear-arms race. In 1958 and 1959, thousands participated in Youth Marches for Intregrated Schools in Washington.

    • Word count: 957
  16. Analyse, Review and Comment on the trailer of ' Bride and Prejudice', paying particular attention to: lighting, sound and camera movement

    The film has many different locations but the main ones are, America and England, which tell the audience that the film is not a typical Asian film, and also Amritsa, which tells the audience that some Asian culture is involved. In the trailer, the voice over is in an American accent. The job of the voice over is to describe what the film is like. He uses word like 'love' and 'magical', which attract young adults. The words attract the listener and the viewer because of deep American accent and the clips to go with the words, such as when he uses the word Love it shows a clip with Lolita and Darcy in a romantic setting.

    • Word count: 736
  17. "Shrek" messages within the film.

    stay out" with a fearsome painting of himself. Consequently when Shrek meets Princess Fiona, and discovers her hidden truth; her curse, Shrek's perspective develops into a more understanding manner. Changing from being sarcastic and bitter to a sensitive and more considerate ogre, Shrek displays his change of heart and attitude by picking flowers for Princess Fiona, where they both progressively throughout the film grow to love one another. The understanding of characters feelings and situations, to the audience are enhanced with an inner perspective by the use of the dialogue, colours within certain scenes and the visual representation of Shrek.

    • Word count: 1580
  18. Urban Music And Gun Crime

    Some people now possess guns for self defence, in poor areas of cities. This is where violence and guns on the street is every day life for some people. Some people defend the music and say it is not responsibly for the gun crime, their argument Is that middle class children listen to rap and garage and they do not go running round with guns. Some mps are saying "The government needs to make some tough decisions. It's not just a case of changing what people listen too.

    • Word count: 711
  19. The first stage of planning was to discuss exactly what we, as a group, wanted to achieve throughout the filming of the music video

    To do this we had to research rap videos that appealed to this target audience. The rap videos that we researched were 'The Streets' - 'Fit but you know it!' and 'Dry your eyes;' Both showing similarities. 'Dry your eyes' is mainly concentrated on one man and his dog. This creates well known saying of "a mans best friend". The main theme to the video is a man dictating his story of how his ex-girlfriend left him. There are often many close-ups and still camera shots to allow the man to rap into the camera.

    • Word count: 1824
  20. The Draw of Secular Music I think every Christian should still listen to secular music, even if the messages aren't biblical or even moral. Whoa! Shocking statement! Let me explain. Each person, Christian and non-Christian has a heart-cry that need...

    Yesterday they used spray paint cans, today they use bombs and hate e-mail. Secular music has such power in the world today. Why? Because it expresses the heart-cry of people in a lost world; it's not because it's better music, or better emotion, just better expression. Why? Because the secular world has no other way to outlet the emotions that pile up within them. My point is that listening to secular music will give Christians insight into people in the world today.

    • Word count: 499
  21. Oral Assignment Why 'Pop Idol' corrupts society.

    Television programmes like 'Pop Idol' are threatening the future of the music industry. The artists from 'Pop Idol' that produce albums don't write their own music, or produce it, sometimes they don't even sing it. They are just the face on an album cover or the scantily clad dancer in a video. Also these artists never last very long. After a few months people get bored of the same old cheesy repetitive beat and same-theme lyrics and move on to new artists. You are the tomorrow, and maybe some of you want to go on to be musicians, proper musicians.

    • Word count: 790
  22. 308 CMC Popular Music

    It is for many the archetypal musical subculture as Jeff Pike writes with reference to The s*x Pistols in 'the death of rock and roll' "the fury was undeniable, and so was the vision" (1993:268). The punk movement was spawned in and around 1976. It was a reaction initially against the what many saw as the grandiose ageing hippies who then dominated the charts under the banner of 'progressive rock' Which highlights a point made by Ted Polhemus that one of the key aspects of musical subcultures was to subvert the one which had appeared directly before it (1994).

    • Word count: 2414
  23. Imaginative Coursework: BreakDance

    The best moves were spontaneous that had never been seen before, the more original they were the better and more interesting the battle would become. Gangs usually used this instead of violence but in the often ended up fighting over who the winner was, luckily nowadays most fights are resolved by these means instead of fighting. This led to people rehearsing their moves and creating and better ones that were more complex by increasing speed, form and the complicity of moves.

    • Word count: 1911
  24. 'It can be reasonably argued that the vast majority of musical production at any one time involves musicians working in relatively stable 'genre worlds' within which ongoing creative practice is not so much about sudden bursts but he continual producti...

    Prison and crime has always been a massive part of hip hop culture so much so there is now a special hip hop division in the U.S specifically trained to deal with the gun violence. Rappers are fighting other rappers. The 50 cent versus Ja Rule feud is a good example, the story is different depending on who's side you listen to, Ja Rule says there wasn't enough respect shown to him on a video shoot, the two of them are from the same town, 50 cent says it was because Ja Rule's chain was stolen in a club an he spoke to the guy that stole it.

    • Word count: 2026

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