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AS and A Level: Music

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  1. Narratives are constructed in many different ways. What method or media devices do the directors of,

    Jess asks her parents permission but they refuse as it's against their culture. Jess doesn't want to give up her football so she tells her parents she has a job down HMV and she goes to football. One day her sister Pinky (who is getting married) tries to pick her up from work but Jess has come home from football and is sitting in the living room in front of the television. Pinky then asks her about the "boy" that she's sneaking off to go and meet but Jess denies everything but eventually gives in and tells Pinky everything about the football.

    • Word count: 1404
  2. Why is Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band a milestone in Pop Music?

    to be trusted?" This question was asked because it dealt with issues deeper than love and other relationship issues. The answer, eventually turned out to be 'no'. Until a later generation of bands discovered the joy of openly imitating The Beatles. Sgt. Pepper is a concept album. Many people believe that Sgt. Pepper is the first concept album. It was however proceeded by Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys. This album however is considered by some musicologists as not being a 'real' concept album; because it is a set of individual songs, though loosly based around one subject. Sgt.

    • Word count: 771
  3. Describe the musical strategies of some exemplary 'titles' sequences in a way that illuminates the function of music in entertainment cinema.

    We see another globe, this time used for the mapping of the physical and causal route to Casablanca, from France and other places. Clips of paradigm journeys are superimposed onto the map as the refugees flee Paris and Marseilles. The music accompanying this follows on from the pessimistic nature of the interrupted cadence of La Marseillaise, building down to low, dissonant and lugubrious chords on brass which begins to be accompanied by a romantic high, intense and chromatic melody for strings in octaves.

    • Word count: 3277
  4. Youth Sub-Cultures, Popular Music and Social Change

    At instances of profound transformation, however, youth's potential capacity has become powerfully extended. Popular music as an important symbol, or element of youth culture is now familiar of everyday life in a range of global diffuse social settings. Initially restricted to the developed industrial regions where the musical and stylistic innovations had the greatest cultural impact on youth, music and style have gradually become important cultural resources for young people all over the world. Popular Music and the Social Change In many different parts of the world popular music is a primary, if not the primary, at least the main leisure resource for young people.

    • Word count: 1468
  5. a***s the claim that youth cultures are hybrid cultures

    During the presentation all of these points were covered, however as the person who was giving the final conclusion it would have been better to have summed up each part in more detail, having said this it would have taken a lot of time if this had been done. Individually and as a group we should have paid more attention on our artist. As stated before, Madonna was used in this presentation because we felt that her music was a good example of hybridity.

    • Word count: 1854
  6. Concept of Semiotic

    Like the subject has competence for constructing languages, the manly thought has an analogous pre-structure for unconsciousness becoming figurate. When the sound is absent in the relationship of signifier / signified the blank of the sound is taken over by the concept. In this case, the concept becomes the signifier for the function of metononymy and is longing for the sound, which has become the signified. By this rearrangement, the position of consciousness and unconsciousness has switched as result.

    • Word count: 573
  7. Descriptive writing.

    We wandered into the mosh pit; we were only a few metres away from the stage. There was a hum of voices as more people filed in. After 15 minutes people were starting to get frustrated because nothing was happening. Suddenly there was activity onstage and the lights dimmed the first support band, Slam Cartel came on. The mosh pit went wild, jumping, pushing and head-banging. In all this chaos I suddenly felt out of breath, we all clambered out of the pit and onto the steps.

    • Word count: 816
  8. Compare And Contrast The Opening Scene In 'Raiders Of The Lost Ark' And 'Tomorrow Never Dies', Showing How Both Scenes Shape Your Perceptions Of Their Action Hero, And Using Examples From The Film To Support Your Points

    Indiana Jones finds a poisoned arrow in a tree and they realise they are being followed. This makes you feel scared but it gives some mystery. The audience still haven't seen a close-up of Indiana's face, making him seem like a bit of a mysterious character. One of the trackers turns against Jones, so Jones whips him. The fact that Jones uses a whip shows he is a 1930's hero and there weren't any high-tech gadgets to use. This is when we first get to see a close up of Jones's face.

    • Word count: 2608
  9. Critical analysis of a sequence from

    At the beginning the sky is full of warm colours red, orange and yellow. These colours are soft and gentle showing that the mood is calm and happy. It could also show that it is night as the sun is setting. The colours are all mixed together to create an effect that its very peaceful. The colour that the crocodiles are wearing is red. They wear red cloaks this colour would make them seem more dangerous and more threatening. It also draws you to the fact that red is the colour associated with anger and also it makes them stand out more.

    • Word count: 1453
  10. Analysing How Steven Spielberg Creates Tension and Suspense in Jaws

    The music indicates to us that something is in the water. As the music builds up to a crescendo, the shot dramatically cuts to a beach party with a happier atmosphere. It is happier because of the soft harmonica and because we, as an audience know that they are safe. It is also happier because we have just hade this really tense moment where we are led to believe that something will happen. The second scene focuses on a young girl who is isolated.

    • Word count: 2197
  11. What are the differences and similarities between rock music magazines e.g. Advertisements, reviews, marketing ploys/tactics?

    I think that 'Terrorizer' would be the 'Independent' of the rock music world as it is a much more 'upper class' magazine and the 'Independent' is a slightly bigger paper compared to 'The Sun'. Next if we look at the front page of each magazine we can see many similarities. Both have a masthead and a slogan. The slogans for both have a theme of music. 'Kerrang's' being 'Life is Loud' and 'Terrorizer's' being 'Extreme Music-No Boundaries'. Both are short and have an 'in your face' atmosphere surrounding them.

    • Word count: 868
  12. The Evolution of Reggae Music

    In the 1950's Mento music was subsequently classified as "Calypso". Next, the late 50's and early 60's was the evolvement of "Ska". Being a Jamaican musician's interpretation of R&B, Ska changed the emphasis from the first and third beats of a piece of music, to the second and fourth beats. The new offbeat style became the identity mark of Jamaican music. First Ska, then came Rock Steady, developing into what is now known as Reggae. Reggae involves the deliberate upstroke of the guitar, a strummed beat and a dominant vocal style.

    • Word count: 956
  13. Analyse the Techniques used by Hitchcock to Create and maintain Suspense in his film

    Irony whether verbal or visual plays an important role in the film Psycho, it also comes around quite frequently. One of the first examples of visual irony is when Marion is at work getting shown $40,000 by the client. After she has been given the money she is sitting under a picture of a swamp, and after she is killed she gets driven into a swamp, then sinks under it. Therefore this is a case of visual irony. Another case some people may class as visual irony is when Bates and Marion are in the bedroom and there is a vivid outline of Bates' shadow.

    • Word count: 815
  14. "You can get it if you really want!" Discussing Perry Henzell's film 'The Harder They Come'.

    However, as he tries to get a job, he is constantly disappointed. The Western influence on Jamaica seems to have taken over everything. Those Jamaicans that do have talent are suppressed by 'Mr. Hilton', the half-white man in charge of the soundtracks released. The Western influence ensures that the Americans will benefit from the work of the Jamaicans. Ivan himself produces a record, which Mr. Hilton only offers $20 for, even if the record may be a hit. Ivan has no choice but to accept. Indeed, there are constant symbols of the Western influence in Jamaica, right from the very beginning of the film.

    • Word count: 708
  15. "popular culture in the 1960's did more harm than good" Use the sources and your own knowledge to explain whether you agree with this view.

    Source I is very good at showing the good influence of the 60's on the young people. However in source A may not be totally reliable as it was written in the 90's and was from the opinion of someone who was looking at their childhood with fond memories. Some people had argument for both a good influence and bad influence. These sources are sources C, E and H. The writers of these sources had both good and bad things to say about the 1960's. Source C sys 'it was never as crazy as they used to say it was.'

    • Word count: 784
  16. Sorce related study on Elvis Presley

    This demonstrates further how Elvis is almost or just as popular as an already well-established star at this time, a very positive comment for Elvis' fans to read. The whole article is written in this way and praises both Elvis and his music. Q.2. Study Sources B, C and D. Do Sources C and D support the evidence of Source B about the impact of Elvis Presley? (8 marks) Sources C and D do support the evidence of Source B to a certain extent.

    • Word count: 2642
  17. Internet digital piracy in the music industry.

    However the introduction of CDs has led to the development of the CD-R which brought a major disadvantage to the music industry because of the ease of reproducing CD recordings: anywhere, using inexpensive equipment and without a quality loss. The equipment required to manufacture CD-Rs is relatively portable and quite inexpensive - a few hundred dollars for the hardware, and less than $1 for a blank disc.4 Because of the very cheap investment which is required, pirates can set up a shop in their own homes, making it almost impossible for them to be tracked down.

    • Word count: 1550
  18. In this piece of media coursework, I will study four films, which were directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

    Three other examples of his Hollywood films are "Rebecca" [1940], "Suspicion" [1941] and "Saboteur" [1942]. The first film we watched was called "North by Northwest". In the first fifteen minutes I think the film is about kidnapping a man because of a misunderstanding and I also think it is about action and thriller. The first dominant colour, which comes on the screen, is green to show the idea that somebody is being gullible. Roger Thornhill is being gullible. The writing comes on the lines and then the lines change to a building. On that building you can see the shape of yellow taxis and the shape of the houses and therefore the city must be New York City.

    • Word count: 953
  19. Comparison essay: Music Videos

    In this way we can identify this music video as part of the 'chart pop' genre because it has been appropriated to be glamorous. It uses typically attractive people who are noted for their appearance in other publicity materials; in this instance, 'Friends.' In terms of representation they each supposedly signify figures that all audiences can relate to. Each character represents a 'type' of person while the idea of them being friends, being there for each other, is encouraging and uplifting for the audience.

    • Word count: 1017
  20. Heroes of the 'Six String' - Jimmy Page.

    After hearing this song, Jimmy picked up his first guitar and he was only 13 years old, hey that's exactly when I started so there's hope for me! Jimmy then found his calling in his first real rock band, Neil Christian and the Crusaders, who to be totally honest with you I have never heard of. However Jimmy put all of his talents into this band and went on to tour with them all around England. Jimmy found this exciting and began to base his career around it.

    • Word count: 1032
  21. Analysing and comparing 2pac- 'letter to my unborn child' and Nas featuring R.Kelly -'Did u ever fink'

    There are different categories of music e.g. rap, pop, hip hop, reggae, dance, garage and r n b these are the categories songs are put in. all these deferent categories I have written are different because it has different beats to it and people listen to them for different reasons. Music is very different and there is a link between the songs and music, music is various instruments being played with out music the songs wouldn't be any good because people like the music and songs the music gives a back ground to the songs and music has a beat

    • Word count: 2479
  22. Proposal for Pandora Tomorrow

    Sam is such an interesting enigma of a character and always keeps himself to himself. This is why I think the modern day audiences will adapt to this new breed of stealth assassin not the old stereotypical James Bond sort of person but a rugged individual ready for action. By making my film I wish to get rid of the stereotypical issues associated with espionage and action adventure films. The idea of a James Bond type hero is ludicrous in the real world and I want to make Sam appear as more of a real authentic veteran.

    • Word count: 2858
  23. Reading about a sequence of scenes from 'Signs'

    These portentous signs will foreshadow later events in the film. Also these signs symbolize each character of the Hess family and what they are like e.g. Bo's habit of seeing the future symbolises that she is a guardian angel. These ominous signs makes the viewer wonder if it they have a portentous meaning to them or if they mean nothing at all making us hang on the edge of our seat and also making us think. To show the deeper meaning of the film I will be deconstructing one of the most magnificent scenes in the movie.

    • Word count: 2348
  24. Stevie Wonder has been a major figure within the Black Music scene over the last forty years.

    Attempts to repeat the success of 'Fingertips' was difficult, and Wonder's career was placed on hold during 1964 while his voice was changing. From 1965-70, Stevie Wonder was marketed like the other big Motown stars, recording stuff that was chosen for him by the label's executives, and issuing albums that mixed conventional soul compositions with pop principles. Stevie also recorded his versions of Bob Dylan's "Blowin' ln The Wind" and Ron Miller's 'A Place In The Sun' in 1966. He co-wrote almost all of his singles from 1967 onwards, and also began to work on releases by other Motown artists, especially co-writing Smokey Robinson And The Miracles' hit 'The Tears Of A Clown', and writing and producing the (Motown)

    • Word count: 1104
  25. The Beatles: The Sound of a Social Revolution

    Penny Lane refers to a shopping area in Liverpool, where John and Paul spent many of their childhood days. Penny Lane follows a familiar 8 bar chord structure, and tells a story using verses that alternate with a common refrain. The blend of instruments that comprise this tune is quite unique; bass, piano, flute, horns, and drums with no guitar. These instruments flow together seamlessly, never overpowering each other. While the flute and the bass usually play straight on the beat, both instruments occasionally pick up a melody line that mimics McCartney's singing. It is quite remarkable that the melody is basically only sung, a testament to the singing talent this group possessed.

    • Word count: 680

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