Would A New Nightclub Be Successful In Pembrokeshire?

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Would A New Nightclub Be Successful In Pembrokeshire?


My business idea is a new nightclub based in Tenby, Pembrokeshire. The nightclub will initially serve the music and social entertainment market, promoting bands and music acts from all over Wales, and also playing music that the customers want to hear. The genres of music played and performed will depend on the results of my forthcoming questionnaire.

I expect there will be a demand for this service as the only competition in or around the Tenby area is The Night Owl and The Sands, neither have live music.

I intend to research my idea to test my hypothesis with primary and secondary research. I also intend to produce a full business plan, including a marketing plan, financial plan and a production plan.

Research Methodology

Primary research gives first-hand information about the market, e.g. Focus Groups, Questionnaires, Observations, Telephone Interviews, etc. I have chosen to carry out primary research in the form of a questionnaire, as this will able me to find out exactly what potential customers want in a nightclub. It will also give me clear, accurate answers to my questions based on the 4 P’s – Product/service, Place, Promotion and Price.

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I will then be able to provide customers with what they really want. This proves me to be market driven.

I will personally distribute the questionnaires to a variety of different people to ensure fair and genuine results.

Secondary research gives second-hand information about the market. This can be obtained by using local data, government statistics, competitor information and prices, and key fact files, etc.

I will use competitor information to find out valuable information such as:

  • Fixed and variable costs (stock, electricity costs… etc.)
  • How they promote their club
  • The average number of customers they get ...

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