A-Level Physical Education Personal Portfolio

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A-Level Physical Education Personal Portfolio

This form will provide you with a template on which you can produce your Personal Performance Portfolio. You will need to produce one of these documents for each of the topics you will study.

You should complete all details on this sheet and add your response in the section at the bottom. Click into the relevant box and enter the details required. For your response click at the line below "Candidate's Response" and either type your text, or copy and paste from another document.

Once you have completed, or part completed, this form you must save it onto you area of the network on G:\ drive so that you can carry on with it. When finished you should print one copy for your teacher to mark.

Candidate's Response:

I decided to do basketball as my activity. I got myself a basketball, some gloves, sunglasses and earmuff's to help my experiment.
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What I Did

I went to an indoor basketball net at my church. I began to warm up jogging around and throwing random baskets. Once I felt I should start I went to the free-throw line and shot 5 times. I scored 4 out of the 5 baskets. I then put on some gloves that didn't have any grip and shot 5 more times from the free-throw line. This time I only got 2 out of the 5 shots in. I then took the gloves off and tried the sunglasses on. These dimmed the light a lot. ...

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