Discuss the Role of Feedback in learning of skills

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A/S Physical Education                                                   Charlotte Evans

Discuss the Role of Feedback in learning of skills

Feedback is information in its various forms that a performer may receive as a result of movement, it is fed back into the system either during the activity of adfter the activity. It can come from within the performer or from outside. It can be directed to correct or detect errors or could be advice to change to improve, either before or after the activity. It is used to reinforce, correct and to motivate. It could be said, “without feedback learning could not occur”. Bilodeau (1959, 1961) and G. Stelmach (1970) support this view.

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There are various types of feedback,

  • Positive Feedback – this occurs when the performance was successful, it can be used to reinforce learning.
  • Negative Feedback – occurs when performance was incorrect or unsuccessful.
  • Intrinsic Feedback – internal or inherent. Kinesthesis; it comes from within the performer from the prioreceptors
  • Extrinsic Feedback – external or augmented. It is received from outside the performer to enhance the intrinsic feedback.
  • Continuous Feedback – this tpe of feedback is ongoing, it is received during the activity, most frequently received as proprioceptive or kinesthetic information.
  • Terminal Feedback – this is received ...

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