Fitness entry tests undertook by the Ayrshire fire and rescue service

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Fitness entry tests undertook by the Ayrshire fire and rescue service


Test 1 - Chester Step Test

Description / procedure: This test is designed to measure our aerobic capacity (i.e. your body's ability to use oxygen efficiently to activate the aerobic energy system which provides energy to the muscles for prolonged periods). This test is also an accurate indicator of the health of your cardiovascular system (i.e. your heart, lungs and blood circulation).

Scoring: You are required to step on and off a 30cm step for a period of up to ten minutes. The minimum acceptable standard upon entry to the Fire Service is 45 milliliters of oxygen per kilogram of body weight per minute.

During the test pulse rate will is continuously monitored. Every two minutes the pace is increased and your pulse rate is recorded. Following the test your recorded pulse rate will be used to calculate your Aerobic Capacity

Equipment required: heart rate monitor, tape and tape player, bench and preferably a gym

Validity: I do not feel that the validity of this is fair because it measures 80% of a person’s heart rate during physical exertion. I mean there is nothing that can be done to control nerves and if you were to go into the test terrified then you could have already failed the test before it had even started. The results can also only be valid if the person undertaking the test is stepping up and down in rhythm with the beeps.

Reliability: This test is very reliable because if monitored correctly it clearly gives an indication of person’s aerobic capacity. Even though it may not be in the right way as stated above.

Accuracy: this test is very accurate when it comes to measuring a subject’s aerobic capacity it gives a precise reading of there heart rate results because the data is collected as the test is being conducted and the results are worked out accurately on a graph afterwards.

Advantages: Minimal equipment and costs involved, little time required, and this test can even be self-administered. This test can also be used to test large groups at once.

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Disadvantages: If staff is limited it is very hard to tell if everybody is keeping to the step ups (if conducted with a large group)

Safety: It is important that the examiner makes sure that each individual has completed an adequate warm up and he or she must also monitor the performance 

Test 2 -Shuttle run

Description / procedure: The shuttle run also known as the bleep test is designed maximal and progressive i.e. easier at the start harder towards the end you are required to run twenty meters along a track and back in time ...

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