In netball you need the four components of fitness, speed, strength, stamina and suppleness. You need to enhance these in order to improve your game. To do this you can do practices specific to the components of fitness

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Practices and training Footwork Activities: Squishing Spiders, Hoop drills, Cone drills, Clusters, Dag/Dogs, Rob the Nest, Horse and Jockey, Tails, Stuck in the Mud, Bull Rush, Chain Tag, Twenty-One, Shooting Relay, Team Passing vs Team Running, Tag Ball, Corner Ball, Skittle Ball, Numbers Netball and Shadows. (For a description of each see appendix) This is Olivia Murphy’s (my perfect model) suggestion for training: “Passing is the most important skill used in netball. So get out there and practice passing the ball with a
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friend in your garden or out on court. And don't worry if you can't find anyone to help because you can do lots of work on your own. Get a ball and find yourself a wall. Next, make lots of targets on the wall - either draw on a point with chalk or stick on some cardboard circles. Your targets should be different heights so you can perfect the chest, bounce, shoulder and overhead passes. Don't forget to vary how close you stand to the wall too. Get moving! Netball is normally played at a fast pace so it's important ...

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