Unit 3 – Training for Fitness

Principles of training

Specificity- any training undertaken should be relevant and appropriate to the sport for which the individual is training. 

You should train the muscles, energy systems and skills that are specific to the sport for with you are training for. Different training methods will give types of results for different parts of the body for example, lifting weights will improve your muscular strength on your arms.

Progression- the principle of progression implies that there is an optimal level of overload that should be achieved, and an optimal time frame for this overload to occur. Overload should not be increased too slowly or improvement is unlikely.

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Progression will be achieved when a good level and regular overload takes place. For example, if you don’t increase the amount of exercise or type of exercise you do you will not see any progression

Overload- overload states that a greater than normal stress or load on the body is required for training adaptation to take place. The body will adapt to this stimulus. Once the body has adapted then a different stimulus is required to continue the change. You must work your body harder than what you usually do if you want to see changes in your level ...

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